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Hastings & Aziz Consulting Structural Engineers Ltd. is committed to providing quality services. With over 8000 projects throughout Southwestern Ontario, the firm has participated in the design of some of the Region’s major facilities in education, healthcare, research, industry and commerce.


As a SolidCAD customer, Hastings & Aziz is committed to incorporating the use of Revit to its mainstream design and documentation workflow.  The engineering staff had concerns around their general knowledge and understanding as to how they can incorporate Revit into their workflow. Particularly, senior engineers had concerns regarding a loss of productivity.  In order to optimize productivity, their consultation with SolidCAD determined that staff required both guidance and hands-on experience to best use the software in a structural engineering environment.

Prior to Hastings & Aziz’ customized training with SolidCAD, their team had misconceptions that achieving the same level of customization with Revit as they had with AutoCAD, was unattainable in the short-term. The immediate action was to develop and integrate internal Revit standards, without disrupting the company’s standardized workflow and build a collaborative BIM environment between their engineers and technicians.


SolidCAD performed a technical workflow and process assessment, which shaped customized training and project-mentoring sessions with their traditional AutoCAD staff.

Hastings & Aziz had developed and built a drafting standard for all staff members that encouraged uniformity across all of their projects. SolidCAD was able to customize their training without disrupting their normal workflow, and set Hastings & Aziz on a path to allow them to tailor Revit specifically to their structural engineering projects and more explicitly to projects that needed to be delivered in BIM.

SolidCAD provided Hastings & Aziz with BIM consulting services that focused on integrating the results from their Structural Analysis software directly into Revit, while developing and employing Revit and BIM standards.


  • Improved efficiency in the use of Revit and in the preparation of contract documents, while maintaining their established workflow.
  • Hastings & Aziz staff were taught the features and capabilities of the Revit software, and shown how to easily apply it to structural engineering projects.
  • Additional time savings was recognized in creating and maintaining sections from the model. Although more upfront work is required, the simplicity of cutting sections allows the structural team to fully explore the impact of their design in relation to the other disciplines. This gave our team a better understanding and provided our clients with added value whenever possible.
  • The design team saw the ability to extract more information from a Revit project than was possible through previous AutoCAD projects.





“With the help of Michael and his team at SolidCAD the ease of implementation of Revit into our document production workflow has exceeded our initial hopes.  We are well on our way to achieving the same documentation standards we had with AutoCAD and have surpassed our expectation for the implementation timelines for Revit.”

Karl J. Buczkowski , P.Eng.


Hastings & Aziz Ltd.

Project Details

Check out this interactive slider, illustrating a current project for University of Western building under construction and it’s original design delivered as a BIM Model.


Owner: University of Western Ontario

Project: Interdisciplinary Research Building

Architect: Cannon Design

Engineer: Hastings and Aziz Ltd.

Contractor: EllisDon