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Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens is a full-service, owner operated complete bathroom, kitchen and basement renovations firm located in Toronto, Ontario. With an outstanding team of trained remodeling and skilled trade professionals; Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens are competitively priced and dedicated to completing beautiful designed projects

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Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens is a full-service renovations firm that handles projects from the initial planning and design stage through production, construction, installation and completion. Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens promise quality service and risk-free completion of a beautifully designed project that is professionally managed and completed both on time and budget.

Owner, Bruno Picinic faced a few challenges, especially when it came to ensuring consistency and maintaining accuracy of high-quality cabinetry. The company was in search of finding a way to create designs that would help customers envision the completed project. After an in-depth discussion with SolidCAD, Bruno was quickly introduced to Autodesk Fusion 360. Not only did SolidCAD guide Bruno to the appropriate software that would help solve his problems, but provided training and support needed to implement the software effectively and efficiently to the team and into future projects.

With Autodesk Fusion 360, Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens was able to streamline their workflow and efficiently create design concepts and renderings that could be manufactured straight to the CNC router. Overall, Bruno was able to maintain consistent, accurate and high-quality cabinetry, with very little rework. Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens was able to produce realistic renderings that represented both an accurate and precise depiction of what the completed project will look like. Being able to provide clients with high-quality designs before a project has begun, ensured that they always provided top-quality customer service to each project.

SolidCAD and Amazing Bathrooms and Kitchens continue to work closely together, helping Bruno and the rest of the team create and develop their design skills to improve their 3D models used from the initial planning to project completion.


Renderings done with Fusion 360


“Customers don’t understand 2D drawings, but have a much better understanding of 3D images to closely represent what they are getting. The realistic images we were able to create using Fusion 360 are what sell the customer on what they are getting.”
Bruno Picinic, Owner of Amazing Kitchens and Bathrooms

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