Auto Bake Industries Ltd.

Company Info

Auto Bake Industries Ltd. is an industry-leading food processing, installation and equipment manufacturer that prides itself on its commitment to innovation. Providing equipment that is both user-friendly and cost-effective, ABI offers one-stop shopping for state-of-the-art food processing solutions. Specializing in the design, manufacture and automation of the baking process, its clients include companies in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.


“Resolved to shorten design time and minimize error – it was essential that we employed the right solution. SolidCAD was instrumental in ensuring that our management team made the appropriate choice. SolidCAD did an outstanding job in enabling us to isolate our needs, execute the program and thus improve our business operations. This has greatly enhanced our image with our clients and partners.”
Alex Kuperman, Vice President Auto Bake Industries Ltd.

Success Highlights


In the food processing manufacturing industry, where creating quality equipment that is user-friendly and cost-effective is critical to operations, ABI is now able to fully utilize the latest design tools and production technology to deliver its innovative products.


The Results:
  • Increase of 15% in productivity and sales in the first year.
  • Reduced the amount of shop rework.
  • Improved product quality, speed and design.
  • Improved communications across all parties. Clients can be more involved in the product design, thus creating more feedback and customization of the product.

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