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A.V Gauge is a leading supplier of gauges and fixtures in North America with facilities across Canada, United States & Mexico, including their head office in Oldcastle, Canada.

From a 1,000 square foot shop in 1985 with just two employees, the company has grown to over 120,000 square feet in six facilities and to over 250 employees across three countries.

They are a supplier to all major OEMs and Tier Ones and focus on providing their customers with a wide variety of products and services related to the quality control aspect of checking manufactured parts.


“SolidCAD was selected for their expert knowledge, experience and reputation. At the moment we asked their team for support, they carefully listened to our needs, analyzed our existing manufacturing processes, and provided us a detailed understanding on how they would help us implement, customize and program Fusion 360 software into our working post processor. From beginning to end, SolidCAD has provided a memorable and professional experience.”

Rob Cooke, Pin Department Manager at A.V Gauge & Fixture Inc.



As the advanced manufacturing industry is everchanging, the need to ensure manufacturers have the best hardware and software in place is a priority, especially for A.V Gauge. As a leading supplier for gauges and fixtures, A.V Gauge invested in new OKUMA CNC machines at their facilities. However, they realized shortly after that they needed to consider the best software installation for these CNC machines immediately. Prior to meeting with SolidCAD, A.V Gauge devoted their time to research possible solutions and agreed to employ Autodesk Fusion 360.

When it came to choosing a partner, they needed dedicated experts with both knowledgeable experience and reputation, that could help customize Fusion 360 to handle their specific machine options and formatting practices. A.V Gauge recognized that their current CNC machine had no direct connection to the controller that would help interpret and manage their manufacturing needs. Without hesitation, A.V Gauge turned to SolidCAD for an all-inclusive solution where they could purchase Fusion 360 and ultimately get a dedicated expert to help program, integrate, and customize this solution into their existing machining processes.



After accepting the challenge, SolidCAD offered A.V. Gauge their Post-processor customization service. SolidCAD understands that every CNC machine functions and works uniquely, and after examining the particular specifications of A.V Gauge’s OKUMA Multus B300.  SolidCAD then worked directly with Autodesk and EMEC to build a custom post-processor solution that would aid in driving this multi-tasking machining center.

Since the programmers are new to using Fusion 360, SolidCAD has supported them on getting familiar with using this robust CAD/CAM system throughout the process.  Without this dedicated support channel, it would be a very hard transition to move from their existing CAM solution to Fusion 360.


After implementing our post processor services, A.V Gauge was extremely happy with how quickly their machine was programmed to meet their specific needs. They also realized that they were able to save time, because they could easily import and change specifications such as portions, blocks or dimensions easily without any downtime, improving their overall production systems.

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