Daniel Johnson Architect Inc.

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Daniel Johnson Architect Inc. strives to make buildings that will be “good neighbours” – that will improve or complement their surroundings. They value planning that is clear and logical; construction detailing and material selection that are appropriate and durable. Their work includes new buildings and renovations, interiors, design studies and graphics for private and public clients.


“Our mission is to deliver quality, consistency and efficiency in the work we deliver to clients. Revit has been a key cornerstone in fulfilling that mission, while at the same time offering the added value of BIM and three dimensional representation.”
Renny Cannon, Daniel Johnson Architect Inc.

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Daniel Johnson Architect Inc. was pushed to use Revit by its retail clients due to its ability to integrate the procurement equipment and materials earlier into the design process. There was a clear advantage for DJA to make the move to Revit to meet customer demands and stay ahead of the competition.

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