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Established in 1977, EHC Global Inc. (EHC) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of handrails, rollers, safety brushes, elevator belts, strategic components, and integrated solutions to the vertical transportation industry. EHC also provides a comprehensive range of technical services to OEMs including field-splicing, Service+, project management and assembly, installation, removal, and modernization of escalators and moving walks. Each day, EHC helps millions of people all over the world move safely and comfortably in public transit systems, airports, office buildings, convention centers, shopping centers, hospitals, condominiums, and other urban spaces.


“powerJobs drastically reduced our error rate and saves us time on a daily basis!”
Mike Degli Angeli, Product Design Engineer, EHC Global

Success Highlights


EHC Global was searching for a solution to automate the creation of PDF files while customizing the files, such as release stamp, site address, etc.

SolidCAD suggested coolOrange’s powerJobs, a Vault Job Processor extension, and customized it to the needs of EHC.


The Results:
  • Drastically reduced error rate by preventing outdated files from passing on to manufacturing and less faulty parts produced.
  • Saved development costs, as the solution already existed. SolidCAD introduced coolOrange to EHC and customized it to fit its needs.
  • Time savings for engineers because they no longer get asked to manually create PDF’s every time a non-CAD user requested a drawing.
  • No change in workflow; Everything happens behind the scenes.

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