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For JNE Consulting, success is achieved on the strength of its vision, its team, its expertise and ultimately, its clients. Having grown from one employee working at its home base in Ontario, Canada, to more than 350 multi-disciplinary professional engineers and specialists working in 20 countries, JNE has remained true to the principles at the core of its business – honesty and integrity. JNE’s team brings passion to its work and is proud to find success through innovation and excellence.


“Our relationship with the SolidCAD team began more than 12 years ago; their professionalism, knowledge and reliability are a mirror to our own core values. SolidCAD consistently supports us by making sure the right Autodesk software is backed by an expert team who respond to technical issues quickly and effectively.”
Khaled Aboughanem, CAD Manager, JNE Consulting

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JNE uses 3D modeling to complete projects ranging in complexity from single process improvements to those requiring the capture of an entire process line or machine. Producing animated “physical” models allows for true walkthroughs, enables clash detection and creates the perfect environment for verification of changes or modifications prior to construction. JNE’s clients benefit from overall lower project costs and time savings realized when virtual modifications trigger early model redesign and update to GA drawings.

  • 3D Modeling allows designs to be completed 50% more quickly and accurately
  • Designs created and conveyed in the 3D environment can be delivered with customer-required 2D drawing files
  • Client collaboration allows design intent to be captured and share

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