ClearEdge3D has a track record of technological innovation and thought leadership in the Automated Feature Extraction, laser scanning and 3D modeling space. The company was founded in 2006 by recognized experts in the field of computer vision, hyperspectral data analysis, and LiDAR data analysis. The first version of EdgeWise Building™ focused on building and terrain modeling and was launched in 2009.  The technology rapidly gained customer traction and industry acclaim. In 2011 EdgeWise Plant™ was released for the process manufacturing and plant modeling industry, which was soon followed by EdgeWise MEP™.
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EdgeWise is a suite of as-built automated modeling software by ClearEdge3D. The software uses complex algorithms to automatically identify planes and cylinders in a laser scan point cloud. It extracts the exact geometry from the points, and eliminates much of the need to manually trace pipes, components and architectural features such as walls, windows or doors.
Rendering of the BIM City Westside Hospital data set highlighting MEP engineering components.
EdgeWise Building, for the architectural modeling industry. Fast & accurate as-built BIMs with full Revit integration.

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BIM for Building Engineering Demand Gen Toolkit image highlighting MEP engineering components. CAPTION (see Marketing Guidelines Site for caption usage details): X-ray view of hospital building highlighting mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Autodesk(r) Revit(r) Architecture, Autodesk(r) Revit(r) MEP,  Autodesk(r) Revit(r) Structure, and Autodesk(r) 3ds Max(r) Design software products were used in the design process.
EdgeWise MEP for Revit, for the mechanical BIM market. Import 3D MEP models directly into Revit as Revit Family objects.

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Oil & Gas Demand Gen Toolkit image highlighting part of a processing plant. CAPTION (see Marketing Guidelines Site for caption usage details): Rendering of a processing plant featuring major equipment, structural steel and piping.
EdgeWise Plant, for the industrial/process plant industry. Create highly accurate 3D models with 75% fewer man-hours.

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