CTC Software

CTC Software is a worldwide leader in building information modeling (BIM) technologies and services. We’ve been working in Revit since before Autodesk acquired Revit Technologies, as a Revit Solution Provider. Our team of architects, engineers, and software developers work to create leading productivity tools on top of Revit, Civil 3D, and Autodesk’s Forge platforms. Custom application development and software integrations keep our deep bench of full stack developers sharp, working entirely on AEC industry solutions. CTC is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network and has been making add-ins available for Revit and Civil 3D since 2010. CTC Express Tools are used by more than 40,000 users world-wide and in more than 75% of the top firms in the United States.
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CTC Express Tools

CTC Express Tools were created by CTC Software to enhance the productivity and creativity of AEC professionals. With robust software add-ins and data-rich content packs for Revit and Civil 3D, CTC Express Tools feature seven Suites, and two Productivity Packs. Used across the world, our tools will continue to push the envelope in BIM and CIM Technologies.

As of December 3, 2018, SolidCAD became an exclusive Canadian reseller for all CTC Express Tools. To learn more about this new partnership, read our press release here.

AEC Tools

BIM Project- Logo


BIM Project Suite allows Autodesk Revit users to automate routine tasks, manage large numbers of content files, generate database information and much more in a lot less time, all within the Revit environment.

Download your BIM Project Suite 2019 free trial today and receive the following complementary tools:

  • BIM List
  • Detail Link
  • Project Link
  • Quick Select
  • Revit Properties
  • Renumbering

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BIM Manager- Logo

BIM Manager SUITE 2019

BIM Manager Suite saves time and reduces errors for Autodesk users who manage BIM standards and project templates within their organization.

Download your BIM Manager Suite 2019 free trial today and receive the following complementary tools:

  • Family Tools
  • Project Cleaner
  • Revision Cloud Remover

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BIM Batch - Logo

BIM Batch SUITE 2019

BIM Batch Suite provides tools that allow Revit users to process workflows en masse, with a focus on importing and exporting data.

Download your BIM Batch Suite 2019 free trial today and receive the following complementary tools:

  • Family Exporter
  • Family Loader

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BIM Data - Logo


BIM Data Suite makes it easy to extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server or XML, allowing your team to create a myriad of reports or to integrate Revit data into your other systems.

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Casework - Logo


Casework Configurator allows you to greatly reduce management of content. Casework Configurator includes pre-created, standardized casework families, which increase accuracy and reduce errors.

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SuperDoor - Logo


SuperDoor includes content (Revit families) for building a nearly infinite variety of doors, and software which provides a graphical wizard interface that guides Revit users through selecting/configuring door components and then placing them into their Revit project.

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BIM List - Logo


BIMList Server provides the ability to connect multiple users to the same BIMList database. BIMList Server will handle distributing database updates to each connected user – including those in remote offices – supercharging BIMList into a true enterprise content management solution.

BIMList Cloud Provide global access to Revit libraries from anywhere, even across organizations.

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MEPP - Logo


The Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Productivity Pack is the premier content pack on the market today. It was specifically designed for companies who are designing/working in both the mechanical and electrical disciplines. The MEPPP takes the Mechanical and Electrical Productivity Packs and rolls them into one easy-to-use pack that is ready to use right out of the box.

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HIVE - Logo


With HIVE firms are able to organize, manage, set permissions and ensure the latest content is kept up to date and available for all project participants, even when working remotely. Users are able to quickly find Revit, AutoCAD, PDF, images, and other file types quickly through the use of libraries, tags, favorites, and file metadata.

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Civil Tools

CIM Project- Logo


Autodesk Civil 3D users, both Civil and Survey, will find great value in the CIM Project Suite with tools for Corridor Management, Pipe Networks automation, and Survey Database workflows. Users of all levels and firms of any size performing road, rail, site, or utility work will see productivity gains with the CIM Project Suite.

Download your CIM Project Suite 2019 free trial today and receive the following complementary tools:

  • Feature Line to Alignment
  • Assembly Namer

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CIM Manager- Logo


Civil 3D and AutoCAD production management staff will greatly benefit from the CIM Manager Suite. Tools for automated Styles, Layer, and Linetype creation and editing will make supporting production teams easier than ever.

Download your CIM Manager Suite 2019 free trial today and receive the following complementary tools:

  • Linetype Manager

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CPP - Logo


The Corridor Productivity Pack helps you bring your Corridor modeling to the next level and allows for full control on cross sections and quantities, and works where out-of-box solutions fall short. The CPP is a content pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D Corridors and includes Powerful Subassemblies made from Subassembly Composer. The CPP includes both Imperial and Metric versions, as well as MNDOT-specific Subassemblies.

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BIM-M - Logo


BIM is expanding quickly within the construction industry worldwide. However, the masonry industry is not well represented. Therefore, there is a need to develop BIM tools for masonry to maintain market share. With that intent, an Initiative was formed in 2012 specifically to advance BIM for masonry.

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CTC Express Tools Webinar Series


CTC Webcast: Introduction to Family Processor from the BIM Manager Suite - Tuesday, June 18 - 10:00 AM (PST) / 1:00 PM (EST)
Making changes to family files is a time consuming manual process. The people with the skills to properly make changes to families are usually in high demand and can’t spare days or weeks of time to manually push changes into their family library. In this webinar we will be discussing Family Processor, a tool that allows you to define one or multiple changes to one or more Revit family files, and then process those changes in batch.

Learning Objectives:

  • Accessing Family Processor
  • Introduction to Interface
  • Configuration of Settings for Family Repair
  • Saving and Loading Settings for Repeatable Workflows

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CTC Webcast: Introduction to Point File Converter from CIM Project Suite - Tuesday, June 25 - 10:00 AM (PST) / 1:00 PM (EST)
Dealing with multiple survey code lists can be a challenge. Perhaps your crews use one code list and you need to import as another. Perhaps you get outside surveys that need converting to your firm’s code list. Either way, Point File Converter allows quick conversions from one code list to another in your point files. Users can create “translation files” that map the conversion from one list to another so conversions only take seconds.

Learning Objectives:

  • Convert point files from one standard to another in seconds
  • Accommodate both survey and linework coding translations
  • Make your crews happy by using only one code list in the field
  • Save tons of time in dealing with multiple code list standards

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CTC Webcast: Series - July - August, 2019
Learning more about CTC Express Tools with their free webcast series.

To learn more about the full webcast series, click here.