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Magestic Technologies was founded on the same principles as its founder’s former company, Magestic Systems, and that is to provide the most advanced manufacturing solutions for process and efficiency improvements. Our solutions are built on over 30 years of experience implementing sophisticated solutions leveraging some of the most innovative technologies in Genetics, Machine Learning, and AI.


On May 19, 2020 SolidCAD and Magestic Technologies announced their partnership to work together to provide consulting, implementation and support services to Canadian manufacturing firms.

Through Magestic Technologies’ various solutions, including TruNest, TruComposites and SE Nesting, manufacturing firms can better collaborate, optimize and integrate real-time production data to streamline design and manufacturing workflows.

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Webinar Series

Join SolidCAD and Magestic Technologies for a three-part series about TruNest for Advanced Digital Manufacturing, hosted by Sr. Technical Specialist, Matt Thorn from Magestic Technologies.


With over 30 years experience, Magestic Technologies has been working closely with one of the world’s largest technology innovators, Autodesk, to develop digital manufacturing solutions that improve and automate the aerospace, energy, transportation and automotive fabrication processes. Through their various solutions, including TruNest, TruComposites and SE Nesting, manufacturing firms can better collaborate, optimize and integrate real-time production data to streamline design and manufacturing workflows.


Fully integrated, automated nesting software for various materials and machines

TruNest software helps translate, optimize and manufacture the nest on all standard machines. Work with composites, wood, plastics, glass, sheet, metal cloth, and leather.

Key Features:

  • Contour Cutting: Best for CNC cutting operations, including laser, plasma, water jet and plasma/oxy
  • Punch Press: Best for managing complex operations for punch, punch/laser and router machines.
  • Composite: Best for nesting and CNC cutting of composite and broad good materials


Composite design, analysis, and manufacturing solution

Get comprehensive composite design, analysis and manufacturing tools for hand layup and automated workflows. Design layouts, analysis potential defects, generate laser projection data and more.

Key Features:

  • TruePlan helps you design the best process to manufacture a composite part using advanced optimization techniques.
  • TruLaser software helps improve processes for laser manufacturing, fabrications and assembly.
  • TrueFiber software enables composite manufacturers to program, manage and simulate processes and fiber placement.

What Would you like your manufacturing solution to include?


ERP Integration to Manufacturing

Seamless bi-directional information sharing


Optimized Order Scheduling

Optimized shop floor orders based on real-time machine availability and cycle times.


Material Optimization

Our Generative Manufacturing Platform utilizes Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to improve material efficiencies.


Collaboration Between Design and Manufacturing Engineering

Considers a given manufacturing process at the design stage without having to know anything about manufacturing, thus potentially improving cycle times, tooling and production rates.


IIOT Integration

Digitally collect real-time machine production data and provide it back upstream to better align Quoting, ERP and Production

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Optimized Material Inventory Management

GMP optimizes the use of raw stock and remnants. GMP considers the various sizes of a given material in inventory, the cost of each size of that material and how you want to use your remnants.

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Generative Manufacturing Optimization

Use genetic algorithms to continually improve your processes. The genetic algorithms are a major function in our Generative Manufacturing Platform (GMP) and operate automatically and transparently. Using a representative seed/example and the constraints of a given process, our Generative ManufacturingPlatform will continue to find improvements to a given process each time that process is initiated.

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