SolidCAD Civil Tools

Increased Productivity Tools for Civil 3D

The SolidCAD Civil Tools are a variety of time saving tools designed to increase productivity when working with Civil 3D pipe networks, grading projects, alignments and profiles.

Please note that the purchase of the Civil Tools is for a one year subscription for single-user license.

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 The SolidCAD Civil Toolset includes four unique tools designed specifically to improve productivity and results when using Autodesk Civil 3D.

  • Earthworks and Grading Tools

    Rapidly calculate several pregrade volumes for multiple, specific areas simultaneously and add multiple surface labels and slope/grade lines based on existing linework at user defined orientations.

    Earthworks and Grading Tools allows users to:

    • Subsite Volume Calculator (Dirt Demon), calculates pregrade volumes for multiple specific areas
    • Place surface labels at all line endpoints, orientation to linework
    • Create multiple slope arrows globally along feature lines
    • Extract surface labels to txt file
    • Label all feature line/3d polylines at all vertex and/or by interval
  • Pipe Network Tools

    Save time and increase productivity when working with Civil 3D pipe networks, including multiple pipe editing tools, import and export pipe networks to excel spreadsheets, pipe interference and pipe depth checks with full reports.

    Pipe Network Tools allows users to:

    • Create pipe depth report
    • Label pipe elevation info from any location along the pipe in plan
    • Label pipe crossing with all info
    • Draft drop structures
    • Pipe Editor
    • Label all feature line/3d polylines at all vertex and/or by interval
  • Alignment and Profile Tools

    Experience the full potential of Civil 3D with the ability to join alignments, calculate 3D alignment and profile stationing as well as create multiple profile views automatically.

    Alignment and Profile Tools allows users to:

    • Join alignments
    • Create multiple profiles from alignments
    • 3D Stationing of alignment/profile
    • Create profile VPI at intersection of grades
    • Lock intersecting profiles without intersection creation
  • 3D Line Tools

    Improve productivity and increase efficiency when working with lines and polylines in Civil 3D.

    3D Line Tools allows users to:

    • Create 3D Polyline from Point Descriptors
    • Find lowest and highest point on feature line/3D polyline
    • Measure total length of selected lines,plines,3D polylines, feature lines
    • Label all feature line/3D polylines at all vertex and/or by interval
    • Create slope lines from individual 3D polylines/featurelines


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