Presvac Systems Ltd.

Company Info

Presvac Systems Ltd – a designer of great ingenuity – has maintained its position as a world leader in vacuum technology for over 30 years and is recognized for the quality and reliability of its products. Its commitment to the brand never falters, constantly challenging itself with cutting-edge technology, and effectively pushing the performance envelope in everything it build


“We are very impressed with SolidCAD. Their performance is always the best. Their people are enjoyable to work with and we have made recommendations to other companies regarding their expertise. They are always prompt and professional.”
Bill Vanyken, Designer, Presvac Systems Ltd.

Success Highlights

  • Inventor is a superior Design Visualization Tool – enabling users to observe complex geometry & how parts are designed to be assembled right from your screen.
  • Ability to detect interference and design moving components.
  • With Inventor, Engineering was able to provide the shop with fully rendered 3D model drawings to help illustrate the assembly process – simplifying & improving communications to the shop floor, while reducing manufacturing errors.
  • Allowed them to provide to their customers with 3D DWF files of 3-dimensional work-in-progress for collaboration & feedback.

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