AutoCAD Raster Design

With powerful raster editing and raster-to-vector conversion tools, Autodesk® AutoCAD® Raster Design software helps you easily edit, enhance, and maintain scanned drawings and plans in a familiar Autodesk® AutoCAD® environment. Make the most of raster images, maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery, and digital elevation models.

  • Unlock and extend the value of existing information.
  • Make the most of existing scanned engineering drawings, plans, and maps by using them in current projects while saving redrafting time with rubbersheeting and raster-to-vector conversion tools.
  • Enhance, preserve, and maintain valuable raster assets.
  • Use digital elevation models (DEMs) to analyze large-scale topographic information for elevation, slope, and aspect.
  • Use powerful color mapping to show vegetation, land cover, and environmental information using readily available multispectral satellite imagery.
  • Improve decision making and get projects approved faster.
  • Create plans and present proposals that integrate information-rich maps, satellite data, and other forms of imagery to enhance communication and understanding of design intent.
  • Easily clean up, edit, and maintain your archive of digital plans and maps using image cleanup, processing, and hybrid editing tools in a familiar AutoCAD® software environment.

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