GlobalSCAPE, Inc. ensures the reliability of mission-critical operations by securing sensitive data and intellectual property. Globalscape’s suite of solutions features EFT, the industry-leading enterprise file transfer solution that delivers military-grade security and a customizable platform for achieving best in class control and visibility of data in motion or at rest, across multiple locations. Founded in 1996, Globalscape is a leading enterprise solution provider of secure information exchange software and services to thousands of customers, including global enterprises, governments and small businesses.
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 wide area file services (WAFS)

Instantly access and share files across multiple offices worldwide

the service

Distances and file size are no longer an issue, allowing end users across multiple offices to access and share files over a WAN at LAN speeds. File replication ensures the same files exist at all locations, while real-time file locking keeps users from overwriting files in use.

WAFS capabilities
  • Real-time file locking, release and replication
  • Revit collaboration
  • Complete file revision history
  • File Filters
  • System management from both Agent and Vault levels
  • Real-time system information


key benefits

Transparent To Users

When deployed, WAFS file shares appear exactly as a normal Windows share, so users don’t have a new file access method to learn.

Minimal IT Impact

Once configured, WAFS behaves as any other shared file storage would, not requiring IT administrators to provide separate security controls or security management.

key features

  • Full UTF-8 Support
  • Byte-level differencing
  • Native file locking
  • Replication to multiple locations simultaneously
  • Adheres to Access Control List file permissions