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Bridge the gap between HSM CAM software and your CNC machine with SolidCAD’s Post Processor Customization Services.

Because we know that CNC machines don’t all speak the same language and CNC users don’t all work the same way.

Autodesk publishes a large variety of HSM CAM post-processors in the Autodesk HSM Post Library While this can be a good starting point, it is likely that customization will be required to handle specific machines options and/or specific formatting practices.

In addition, SolidCAD also publishes a highly flexible and well-formatted generic post-processor that may better fit your needs, which can be downloaded here.

But if you find yourself looking for another solution and require a post-processor specific to your CNC machine and your best practices, our team of experienced programmers can develop a bespoke solution for you.

In order to evaluate your needs, please provide us with some technical information by filling out the Post-Processor Order Form.

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