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At SolidCAD, we believe in quality services!

Our industry teams have come together to carefully develop service bundles that contain a variety of tools, training and services that will help you identify current difficulties, streamline your workflow, jumpstart your team and ensure you have everything you need to get started on your next big project.


If you are looking for a BIM centric platform that collaborates and connects design and construction processes and project teams in one place, the Go Live with BIM 360 Design + Docs bundle is the perfect solution for you. BIM 360 is a solution that connects your technology and links information, people and processes throughout the entire project life cycle. We will help train and support your team from start to finish.

Bundle Includes:

  • Planning (review of current collaboration workflow, folder structure and user roles) and define desired outcomes
  • Implementation of BIM 360 Design for a select project of your choice
  • Orientation
  • Site setup
  • Administration setup
  • Training for administrators, end-users, project admin and staff from partnering firms working on the project
  • Configuration (includes project set-up of folders, users, permissions)
  • Deployment Support (onsite or online)
  • Project Closeout (uncover project metrics, lessons learned and next steps)

BIM 360 Design Quick-start

Work Remotely with Revit

Adapting your business and staff to work remotely can be challenging. Many firms are looking to leverage technology to collaborate on projects and stay connected.

Tools, like BIM 360 Design, require knowledge and experience to be set up effectively to reduce downtime. Our BIM 360 Design Quick-Start bundle will get your team up and running in a cloud environment quickly. SolidCAD has the expertise to guide clients through this process and help firms increase flexibility in what’s become a challenging work situation.

Bundle Includes:

  • Orientation, Setup and Configuration
  • End-user Onboarding
  • Project Deployment (1-2 Project deployed in BIM 360 Design)
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Discover & Optimize

Are you looking to make the move to the latest release of your Autodesk software? Or have you made the change and find yourself struggling to make the changes to your processes, data requirements and workflow? Our Discover and Optimize package is the perfect bundle for users looking for an easy way to deploy, configure and implement the latest Autodesk software into their current workflow.

Bundle Includes:

  • Network License Setup
  • Customizations
  • Testing
  • Autodesk Software Deployment
  • Training
  • SolidAssist Technical Support
  • FME Support (Optional)
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Are you looking to successfully implement Civil 3D into your BIM project? Do you find yourself wanting to minimize risk of failure and maximize cost efficiency? Our Accelerate to BIM bundle embraces the functionality of Civil 3D and wraps a combination of training and professional services to help you become BIM ready. We incorporate optimization of your project workflow and ensure long term success through our comprehensive support.

Bundle Includes:

  • On-Site Assessment and Review of Selected Pilot Project
  • Development of supporting software system components
  • Training (including fundamental, advanced, style and settings and project management)
  • Mentoring Services
  • SolidCAD technical support contract including remote services
  • Workflow Automation Service
  • SolidCAD’s Civil Tools (a collection of specifically designed tools to improve productivity when working with Civil 3D Alignments, Profiles, Feature Lines, Pipe Networks and earthworks volume calculations.)
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Bluebeam Starter

Looking for a simple and quick solution to implement Bluebeam into your workflow? Our Bluebeam Starter bundle is the perfect way to get your team equipped with the basics. This offer includes implementation and training that will ensure your team has everything needed to launch this PDF solution.

Bundle Includes:

  • Discovery Planning
  • Orientation, Setup and Configuration of the software
  • One (1) day of Bluebeam Fundamentals Training
  • Two (2) Hours of Go Live & Deployment Support
  • Project Close-out
  • Basics Manual Included
  • Certificate of Completion for all training conducted

Bluebeam Boost

If you looking to implement Bluebeam into your workflow, train staff and encourage team collaboration, our Bluebeam Boost is a bundle worth investing in. Bluebeam is a PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology for your design and construction workflows.  This offering includes variety of services that will help you boost productivity by leveraging markup data across the entire project lifecycle and streamline processes to get more done in less time.

Bundle Includes:

  • Certification of Completion for all training conducted
  • Discovery Planning
  • Orientation, Setup and Configuration of the software
  • New End-User Onboarding Track (Your choice of Bluebeam training for Project Management, Estimators or Administration
  • Four (4) Hours of Go-Live & Deployment Support
  • Project Close-out
  • Manual Included

Bluebeam Ultimate

The Bluebeam Ultimate bundle is our all-inclusive plan for implementing Bluebeam. This offer includes an in-depth planning session, setup, basics and advanced onboarding and extensive support post-deployment. We will ensure that your team will be Bluebeam experts by the end of it!

Bundle Includes:

  • Discovery Planning
  • Certificate of Completion for all training conducted
  • Orientation, Setup and Configuration of the software
  • Two (2) days of Training including Bluebeam Basics and Advanced
  • Six (6) Hours of Go-Live and Deployment Support
  • Project Close-out
  • Manual Included
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