Valiant Tool & Machine Inc.

Success Highlights

At the core of Valiant’s innovative designs are Autodesk® Inventor® Professional software and Autodesk® Algor® Simulation software, which enable Valiant to more quickly assess whether a new idea is a dead end or a promising beginning. With help from Autodesk Inventor software and Autodesk Algor Simulation software, Valiant has been able to:

  • Develop a groundbreaking portable cargo loader for Boeing
  • Communicate novel ideas with animated 3D models, impressing customers
  • Reduce errors and design time by conducting mechanical simulations in-house


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“With Autodesk Inventor, we’re able to be much more competitive. Our engineers can spend 80 percent of their mental energy innovating, and 20 percent deciding how to draw a line. Inventor software frees us up to think about the next big idea.”

Marty Solcz

Chief Operating Officer

Valiant Machine & Tool Inc.


Manufacturing – Aerospace & Automotive


Products & Resources


  • Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Autodesk Simulation
  • Autodesk Subscription
  • Ongoing Mentoring
  • Custom Training
  • SolidCAD Technical Support