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Enjoy an evening of craft beers, snacks, networking and schmoozing about all things BIM and Revit! All while we raise BIM awareness, spread new ideas and grow the Revit community across Canada.
Latest Virtual Revit Pub Night - February 4, 2021

Topic: Massive Parallelism, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Big Models – Dr. Nathaniel Jones, Arup

Why does my Revit model take forever to load? How do gaming engines manage to render complex environments at 90 fps? Big models can be frustrating to work with, but computer science is serving up new tools that make big data manageable and even fast to manipulate. This presentation will discuss how massive parallelism has recently been made available to everyday digital users through graphics cards and vectorized computing and show how fast parallel computing can change the quality of the built environment.


Topic: Connected Construction – David Nichols, Autodesk

In construction, the gap between the office and the field is nothing new. Whether you are on the job site or in the trailer, it can oftentimes feel like you’re operating in a silo with little visibility. However, the construction industry is transforming; we’re seeing new ways of working and data collection at a rapid rate. At the same time, project risk is increasing with little to no room for miscommunications and mistakes. Today more than ever, we need to close the gap and truly connect teams that are ready to embrace and excel in our industry’s future. Autodesk Construction Solution’s mission is to connect data and teams throughout the entire project lifecycle from design, preconstruction, construction, to operations. With Autodesk’s newly announced unified platform, project stakeholders can leverage the same interface to complete lifecycle workflows such as design collaboration, model coordination, quantification, project management, field execution, and project turnover.

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