Dynamic Duo – AutoCAD Plant 3D and Navisworks: How to view Plant 3D data in Navisworks

In a data driven world, information can be the currency that can make or break your project. Misinformation, or the lack of, can cause delays and costly errors in a project’s life cycle. AutoCAD Plant 3D is ... https://www.solidcad.ca/1605940/ The new Rotary machining strategy in Fusion 360 CAM is a thing of beauty!

Last month, I wrote that a lot of improvements and new features had recently been built into Fusion CAM. One of these is the Rotary multi-axis 3D milling strategy, which has been a very long time in coming. What ... https://www.solidcad.ca/the-new-rotary-machining-strategy-in-fusion-360-cam-is-a-thing-of-beauty/ Tons of new goodies for Fusion 360 CAM

Since I last wrote here, there have been big, big changes to Fusion CAM (excuse me: “Fusion Manufacturing”). These changes range from completely new (and it needs to be said, very useful) machining strategies, ... https://www.solidcad.ca/tons-of-new-goodies-for-fusion-360-cam/