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Empowering Municipalities with Automated Efficiency in Digital Submissions.

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In the dynamic realm of urban development and infrastructure planning, municipalities are increasingly burdened with managing vast volumes of digital drawings and documents. 

SolidCAD recognizes this burgeoning challenge and is at the forefront of offering state-of-the-art Digital Drawings Submission and Validation Services. 

Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional submission, review, and approval processes, transitioning them into a fully automated, efficient digital system. 

This transformative approach not only enhances accuracy and efficiency but also significantly reduces the time and costs associated with processing submissions, enabling a more agile and responsive urban development ecosystem.

Transform Your Digital Submission Process

Our bespoke services are meticulously designed to empower municipalities by replacing outdated, manual submission handling with a sophisticated, automated digital system. 

This leap forward in digital processing fosters enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and a substantial reduction in processing times and costs, propelling urban development into a new era of dynamism and responsiveness.

Our Service Capabilities

Custom Digital Submission Portals

We craft user-friendly digital submission portals that act as centralized platforms for architects, engineers, and planners to submit their digital drawings and documents effortlessly.

Automated Validation and Compliance Checks

Leveraging advanced algorithms, our system autonomously validates submissions against predefined municipal standards and regulations, ensuring all submissions are compliant and significantly streamlining the review process.

Real-time Tracking and Notifications

Stakeholders can monitor the progress of their submissions in real time and receive instant updates, fostering improved communication and collaboration between municipalities and project contributors.

Integration with Existing Municipal Systems

Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with current municipal and GIS systems, ensuring a unified workflow that maintains the integrity and security of municipal data.

Training and Ongoing Support

We provide comprehensive training to municipal staff and stakeholders to facilitate a smooth transition to digital submissions. Our continued support ensures the system remains efficient and evolves alongside urban development needs.

Benefits for Municipalities

Efficiency and Speed

Automate processes to significantly shorten the submission-to-approval timeline, enhancing project turnaround times.

Accuracy and Compliance

Automated validation minimizes errors and ensures every submission meets municipal standards, reducing the need for revisions.

Cost Savings

Decrease operational costs by eliminating manual document handling and storage, contributing to a leaner, more efficient administration.


Advance environmental sustainability by moving away from paper-based submissions, reducing both waste and the carbon footprint associated with traditional submission processes.

Enhanced Service Quality

Provide architects, engineers, and planners with a streamlined, transparent submission process, elevating the overall service quality.

Our Recent Success

These real-life cases illustrate how we’ve empowered businesses to streamline their operations, breaking down silos and enhance interdepartmental communication. Each story is a testament to how our strategic approach has not only solved complex issues but paved the way for seamless and productive workflows.


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Embark on the Digital Transformation Journey

Our Digital Drawings Submission and Validation Services represent a pivotal step toward the digital transformation of municipal operations. By embracing this innovative service, municipalities can position themselves at the forefront of urban development and infrastructure planning, characterized by efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.