MAKE Productivity

MAKE Productivity


Advanced CAM Productivity for PowerMill®

Automation | Optimization | Training

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MAKE Productivity was designed by a team of certified CNC and CAD/CAM specialists to increase programming efficiency, and produce high-quality, repeatable outcomes by automating the workflow in PowerMill®

Our product provides training content, a suite of calculators and tools for daily programming, and endless capabilities for automating simple or complex, multi-axis manufacturing processes

Automate 90-100% of your complex finish programming using Make Productivity’s guided workflow

Custom automated processes must align with paired product level: PowerMill® Ultimate is required for simultaneous 5-axis programming and machine verification

Enhance your existing PowerMill® programming practices with “multi-project” tools

Optimize after-hours license use by creating a batch calculation queue for “lights-out” calculation of multiple projects

Boost your in-house training flexibility

MAKE Productivity offers a variety of digital learning modules and training tools available “on-demand” with every installation

“Machinist and Programming tool” of the month

MAKE Productivity offers a variety of calculators and tools designed to provide users with every resource for daily programming

Watch our full MAKE Productivity webinar

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Which MAKE Productivity with PowerMill product is right for you?

* only available with MAKE Productivity *


Rapidly create NC code for high-speed 3-axis machining, 3+2 programming, 2.5D milling, and turning, plus machine simulation and toolpath verification

Full process automation and optimization of PowerMill Standard programming *

Enhanced machinist and programming tools *

Digital training and assessment tools included *



Access full 5-axis programming with automatic collision avoidance, machine simulation, robot programming, automated electrodes, hybrid manufacturing, and more

Full process automation and optimization of PowerMill Ultimate programming *

Enhanced verification of tool change and laser check positions *

Enhanced machinist and programming tools *

Digital training and assessment tools included *



MAKE Productivity
with PowerMill Standard
MAKE Productivity
with PowerMill Ultimate
CAD imports
Neutral CAD import
Native CAD import
Modelling companion
CAM programming
2.5D machining 
Mill-turn turning 
3-axis roughing 
3-axis finishing 
3-axis toolpath editing 
3+2 machining 
4-axis programming 
5-axis machining 
5-axis toolaxis editing
Automatic 5-axis collision avoidance 
Robotic programming 
Probing (additional subscriber benefits) 
Additive manufacturing (subscription only) 
Automated/Optimized 3-axis programming * *
Automated/Optimized 3+2 programming * *
Automated/Optimized 5-axis programming *
Batch Multiple Projects "Lights-Out" Calculation
 CAM programming/machinist tools
3+2 automated flat finishing
Analyze/Simplify Tool Assembly
Enhanced Database Builder for Tools & Holders
Model Fixturing
Hole Capping
Rib Capping
Feature Protection
Feature-Set tagging
Project collaboration
User defined macros and templates 
Setup sheets 
Shared views (subscription only) 
Autodesk Drive (subscription only) 
Tool database 
Shared machine profiles
Shared management profiles
Shared trainee profiles
Collision checking, simulation, and verification
Toolpath simulation 
Machine simulation 
Tool collision-checking 
Stock removal simulation 
Predictive surface finish visualization 
Machine collision checking 
Dynamic machine control 
Simulation analysis 
Project verification
Interface to third-party verification software
Toolchange Verification
Laser Verification
Multiple Project Tool Verification (for Pallet Changes)
Multiple Project NC Post (for Pallet Changes)
 Industry machining solutions
Electrode Machining * *
Rib Machining
Blade milling 
Blisk milling 
Impeller milling 
Port and manifold manufacture 
 Included software, services, and training
Fusion 360 
Fusion 360 Team 
Fusion 360 – Machining Extension (available October 2020) 
Fusion 360 – Additive Build Extension (available October 2020) 
PowerMill 3-axis digital training course
PowerMill 3-axis digital interactive tools
PowerMill 3-axis digital assessment tools
* custom process development is required (service consultation)

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