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Why Us

Reimagining the Future: SolidCAD's Journey Through Innovation and Change

Digital Transformation


Our unwavering commitment at SolidCAD is to ensure the success of our clients. We make it a priority to gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by your organization. By actively listening and aligning with your goals, we provide insightful guidance, empowering you to make informed decisions crucial for achieving your objectives.

What distinguishes our approach is our exceptional team. The SolidCAD success team is more than a partner; we’re collaborators, ready to connect you with the right resources within our network or amongst our trusted partners. Together, we’ll devise a transformative strategy that elevates your organization to new heights of success.

Pursuing Our Digital Transformation Initiative

The global pandemic in 2020 reshaped industries, broke norms, and forced organizations to adopt remote work and address a new set of challenges.

SolidCAD seized this as an opportunity to examine our preparedness for the new digital landscape that was poised to emerge.

We started this initiative with our marketing department. Our team embraced the uncertainty, enthusiastic about the possibilities this transformative initiative could bring.

Through data analytics and reassessments, we discovered that our previous business process introduced manual steps and circumvented the need for standardized data entry and management, cratering productivity across teams and departments.

These were serious inefficiencies that we had been working with for years. We could see the massive opportunities technology offered but knowing where to start and how to ensure success seemed like an equally massive challenge.
Driven by our strong values of responsibility and continuous improvement, we jumped in, compelled to transform our business.

The Challenges

During the initial stages, it became clear that our outdated technology was a limiting factor.

For this to be a successful digital transformation, we also had to reevaluate our business model.

Using information system strategies, we identified ways to optimize or replace outdated organizational systems with new ones that would support our business’s adaptability. Our research also highlighted the need for stringent guidelines to safeguard data integrity and ensure its effective use across all teams.

It also showed us that any technology challenges needed to be accompanied by robust communication and inter-departmental information-sharing strategies. We quickly realized that this was key to better align with our true objectives.


While difficult, this project provided valuable learning opportunities. The path to success is not linear and is often full of setbacks. We encountered disappointments, misaligned strategies, and unfulfilled expectations.

Far from being deterred, we used our experiences to reinforce our resolve and reshape our digital transformation efforts. Any initial challenges in adopting new technology were quickly replaced with successes created by efficiencies and the ability to track the impact of our changes digitally. We quickly became more confident in making larger investments and improvements while understanding the inherent risks. Incorporating marketing automation, for example, meant investing in digital tools to harmonize marketing strategy with sales execution. We recognized the need for structural changes and fresh talent, leading us to reevaluate longstanding systems and processes. This was a fundamental shift towards enhancing our operational agility.

We also recognized the need for cloud computing, which transformed disconnected digital assets into a shared, collaborative platform. This went far beyond connecting mere assets; it bridged together people and ideas, fostered a culture of cooperation, and transformed individual efforts into united and dynamic teamwork.

Our Digital Strategy for Business Evolution

Our digital transformation story stands as a testament to the power of teamwork and continuous improvement, signalling our evolution from a software reseller to now a strategic consulting partner.

We consider this a successful digital transformation, but not every project or undertaking resulted in success.

By changing our operating model, we exposed ourselves to greater risks that did not align with our primary objectives. We also experienced digital disruption when we leveraged consultants that overpromised and underdelivered.

These experiences changed the way we view our journey and serve as lessons learned. Committing to this transformative initiative, we were able to provide greater customer satisfaction and operational outcomes.

Committing to the Lessons Learned in Our Digital Transformation

The successes and challenges SolidCAD experienced in our digital transformation helped us build a digital transformation framework that supports actively listening, collaborating, and making client goals our goals.

Our experiences underscore a collective commitment to achieving operational efficiency, not just within our organization but in collaboration with our peers and clients, guiding them through their digital transformation journey.

SolidCAD not only embraces the digital future but plays a pivotal role in shaping it in the ever-changing landscape of technology adoption and client success.

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Imagine simplifying your digital landscape, where seamless integration meets actionable insights? With us, it's not just an imagination—it's your new reality. We encourage organizations to think and integrate technology differently, to empower innovation and efficiency across all departments and workflows.

We help you through our vast digital transformation consulting, our largest selection of design & make solutions, and automation and IP development elevate your design and manufacturing processes to a level of collaboration and efficiency you've never experienced before.

Through it all, our dedicated support teams stand by you, ensuring your journey towards technological excellence is smooth and continuous.

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