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Variant, Online Product Configurator

Variant is a web-based configurator that is built on the Autodesk Forge platform and was developed for manufacturing customers that want to streamline their quotation and design-to-manufacturing processes.

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Why Variant?

Empower Sales
Let sales, dealers, and even customers accurately configure products, quotes, and drawings without having to involve engineering. 
Extend Engineering
Variant stands out by directly using rule-based (iLogic) Inventor models created by engineering. Re-use the work you have done rather than duplicating it in another system for Sales.  
Efficient IT
Variant is a web-based solution that uses the Autodesk Forge Platform.  This makes the implementation straight forward, economical, and easily scalable. 

Why Use a Configurator?


Getting Sales and Engineering working together to produce accurate and timely proposals for configurable products can be a challenge at the best of times.  The current difficulties with finding and retaining good people in both disciplines make it even harder to respond to customers’ requests.  

Variant captures and extends the expertise of the design department to a company’s sales team, dealer channel, or even the end customer. This enables users without any Inventor knowledge to accurately configure products, produce drawings, and generate quotes. 

Key Benefits

Increase Revenue while Reducing Expenses

Removing non-value-add communication between sales and engineering accelerates the sale process and frees up additional selling time, which increases revenue. At the same time, instead of doing routine drawing creation, engineering can focus on better designs and value-add manufacturing processes, which will reduce costs

Capture Corporate Intelligence

Let’s face it, staff turn-over is inevitable. Training replacements, on-boarding hits to productivity, and fixing the mistakes of new staff, are all costly. By using the corporate intelligence captured in Variant, sales and engineering staff reach peak productivity faster and with fewer mistakes.

Configure to Order (CTO) vs.
Engineer to Order (ETO)

Configure to Order is the process of combining pre-defined components into a unique combination that addresses a customer’s need. At its heart, Variant is a CTO solution. However, it also fits a workflow where the majority of a product can be configured for proposal purposes, leaving just unique finishing touches to be engineered individually after the order is secured.

Integrations to Downstream Workflow

When unique orders are managed with email, spreadsheets, whiteboard, etc. details fall through the cracks which result in mistake. Variant can be integrated into downstream Data Management, PLM, ordering, and manufacturing systems to ensure all relevant information is captured, retained, and easily accessible, through the entire quote to delivery process.  

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