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Variant: Cloud-Based 3D Product Configurator


What is a CPQ?

Getting Sales and Engineering working together to produce accurate and timely proposals for configurable products is a challenge. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) systems enable sales teams, dealers, and self-serve customers to independently create accurate proposals, 3D visualizations, and drawings of products. A product configurator accelerates the sales cycle and frees up engineering time for value-add product development.

What set's Variant apart as an Autodesk Inventor CPQ?

Variant is an intuitive, fully cloud based, CPQ and drawing automation system for manufacturers using Autodesk Inventor. Variant uses Autodesk Inventor models to avoid duplicating product rules from engineering, creating a single source of 3D product configuration intelligence. Variant seamlessly integrates Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) to streamline your quotation process, resulting in a faster and more accurate workflow.

Variant CPQ leverages Autodesk Platform Services (formally known as Autodesk Forge) to provide an easy to implement and scalable solution. Autodesk Platform Services ensures reliability, security, and scalability, setting it apart as a trusted manufacturing solution. Variant CPQ provides the power and flexibility of Autodesk Platform Services without the complexities and technical expertise normally required.

Using Inventor models and cloud platforms is cost-effective and easy for small organizations and can be easily expanded to meet the needs of larger enterprises.

Use Variant CPQ to accelerate your sales process and streamline the creation of quote documents and drawings.

Try our free demo below or download Variant yourself via the Autodesk App Store:

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Defining specifications for products with multiple components and rules is time consuming and error prone. Variant simplifies complex 3D product configuration, reducing errors and operational costs. This software ensures accurate product configurations from the start, minimizing rework and expediting deliverables. Variant’s advanced 3D visualization provides an exceptional product customization experience, giving customers a preview of their designs.

Price & Quote

Variant’s CPQ includes secure real-time pricing, accelerating the sales process and increasing revenue. Variant automates pricing, helping new sales staff become productive faster and allowing self-serve customers to get pricing quickly. The CPQ pricing rules come from the Inventor model, making setup easier and reducing repetition with a single set of rules

Drawings and Models

Take the wait out of sales processes by enabling customers and sales teams to generate accurate documents without delay. Customers get the information they need when they need it, rather than potentially going to a competitor. Designers and engineers are then freed up from repetitive tasks and modelling standard features to focus on value-add product innovation.

Variant CPQ enables the rapid and secure generation of different types of documents. These documents include customized quotes, 3D models, 2D drawings, and Bill of Materials. Security settings control which documents a user can access.

Is Variant CPQ for you?

Design Engineering Leaders

Is your team spending time on repetitive updates to designs rather than value-add product innovation? Is the Sales team pushing for faster turn-around and/or complaining that delays in engineering are causing lost sales?

Sales Leaders

Is your team losing deals because they are waiting on design details for their quotes? Are they spending time on proposals with a low win-rate? Is the Design team pushing back on timelines because they don’t have the resources for a timely response ?

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Benefits of CPQ

  1. Increase Revenue while Reducing Expenses
  2. Removing non-value-add communication between sales and engineering accelerates the sale process and frees up additional selling time, which increases revenue.
  3. Instead of doing routine drawing creation, engineering can focus on better designs and value-add manufacturing processes, which will reduce costs

Capture Corporate Intelligence

Let’s face it, staff turn-over is inevitable. Training replacements, on-boarding hits to productivity, and fixing the mistakes of new staff, are all costly. By using the corporate intelligence captured in Variant, sales and engineering staff reach peak productivity faster and with fewer mistakes.

Configure to Order (CTO) vs. Engineer to Order (ETO)

Configure to Order is the process of combining pre-defined components into a unique combination that addresses a customer’s need. At its heart, Variant is a CTO solution. You can use it for proposals, configuring most of the product beforehand. After confirming the order, individuals need to only work on the final details.

Integrations to Downstream Workflow

When you manage unique orders with email, spreadsheets, whiteboard, etc., you may experience details falling through the cracks, resulting in mistakes. Variant can be added to other systems.

This allows for the collection and storage of important information. The information remains easily accessible throughout the entire process. This includes from the initial quote to the final delivery.

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