Scan-To-BIM & Reality Capture

Scan-To-BIM & Reality Capture

Combining our core expertise in 3D modeling with laser scanning technology, SolidCAD now offers Scan-to-BIM & reality capture services.  Our equipment is considered the best in the business, but it’s only half the equation.  Our key differentiator is in the quality of our 2D and 3D information models.

Thanks to our team of certified CAD experts, clients benefit from high quality 3D models created with proper standards and best-practice methods.  Deliverables can be produced in a variety of Autodesk applications including Recap Pro, Revit, Inventor, AutoCAD and Plant 3D.  When you can’t afford problems, we are your best source!

  • Quickly capture existing building or site conditions to speed planning, reconstruction or renovation projects
  • Leverage model for facilities management
  • Perform accurate quantity take-offs, inspections
  • Create 3D visualizations and walkthroughs of existing environments
Point Cloud Conversion

As more applications are introducing the use of 3D scan data, you may need help in converting raw point cloud data into a usable CAD format. SolidCAD offers a complete range of Scan-to-BIM services, including registration and clean up of point clouds and creating models or drawings from point cloud data.

Project Profile

The RCYC is one of the world’s oldest and largest yacht clubs. They maintain two clubhouses in Toronto with their most recognizable summer campus on Toronto’s Centre Island and a second facility on St. George Street in the heart of the city. With a strategic plan to make improvements, RCYC hired SolidCAD to provide reality capture services that would result in accurate as-built drawings and BIM model of the existing buildings.