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Enhanced Program Automation for Powermill


OptiNC is a plugin developed to work in association with CAM software Autodesk PowerMill. With more than 100 features to support the programming process, its main goal is to allow CNC Programmers and Process Engineers to have more time available to developed new technologies and more efficient processes.

Repetitive actions that are not adding value to the process are performed by OptiNC in an automatic, simple and efficient way.

Unlock the full potential of Autodesk PowerMill

OptiNC streamlines manufacturing with features like optimized hole recognition, automatic toolpath creation, and toolpath verification to prevent collisions. It includes a cutting parameters database that auto-fills toolpaths for various materials and supports quick creation and editing of workplanes. The import wizard facilitates fast addition of vises and chucks, and machining parts on pallets is automated for efficiency. The Machining Process Manager allows easy creation and storage of manufacturing processes, while NC programs and setup sheets are generated automatically, boosting productivity, and simplifying workflows.

Key Features:

Optimized Hole Recognition:

An optimized hole recognition provides a lot of automatic editing options and a much more assertive result. No more manual editions in your hole featureset after creating it.

Cutting Parameters:

Have in your hands a cutting parameters database for the main raw materials used in the industry. Speeds, feed rates, cutting depths and stepovers are automatically filled on all toolpaths. Don’t worry, if you want to use your own parameters, we can manage them for you.

Creation & Edition of Workplane:

Create and edit workplanes in a quick, innovative and safety way through unique features. Fewer clicks, more productivity!

Vises and chucks import:

Import vises and chucks quickly with the exclusive wizard. You can use the database or add your own fixture.

Machining parts and electrodes on pallets:

Create and configure parts and electrodes machining on pallets. The positioning of the 3D models and the application of machining processes created by the manager are done automatically and quickly, including the application of GAPs for electrodes manufacturing.

Automated Toolpath Creation:

OptiNC has an automatic creation features for the main strategies of roughing, drilling, semi-finishing and finishing. Set up the basics, we guarantee an excellent result.

Toolpath Verification:

Ensure a free collision manufacturing process, including multi-axis machining. The batch toolpath verification ensures less lead-time programming and the algorithm innovates the adjusting way of tool overhangs.

Machining Process Manager:

Create and save complete manufacturing processes in an interactive and dynamic environment. Your customized processes will be stored and can be applied to different parts quickly and automatically.

NC Programs creation & renaming:

Don’t bother yourself creating and naming NC programs anymore. Everything is automatically done in a quick and easy way.

Setupsheet Creation:

OptiNC creates setupsheets with all the essential information to manufacturing process and tool lists are automatically created, making setup easier. Productivity increase is guaranteed!

Why SolidCAD Partnered with OptiNC?

OptiNC shares SolidCAD’s dedication to innovation and excellence, driving the digital future of the manufacturing industry. By boldly pushing the capabilities of current technology, OptiNC is empowering manufacturers to increase efficiency and gain competitive edge. As a future-minded company, SolidCAD is committed to working with organizations eager to adopt change and improve their manufacturing processes. OptiNC’s extensive array of features, designed to streamline and enhance programming, allows CNC Programmers and Process Engineers to concentrate on developing cutting-edge technologies ensuring SolidCAD and its partners remain at the forefront of industry advancements.

Benefits of Integration

Learn quickly

Friendly interface that allows you to quickly learn. The results will come in the blink of an eye.

Productivity gain

OptiNC users experience up to 70% reduction in CNC Programming time

Reduce machine running time

Strategies with optimized configurations make it possible to reduce up to 15% in machining time.

Benefits of choosing SolidCAD for OptiNC Integration

Unlock OptiNC’s full potential with SolidCAD’s full scale integration, comprehensive training, and dedicated support services. Partnering with SolidCAD will help you seamlessly integrate OptiNC with your existing workflows and unlock additional value through personalized assistance and expertise.

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We are dedicated to providing companies with transformative solutions. With OptiNC, we offer exceptional expertise and support to companies looking to revolutionize and enhance the manufacturing sector. Together, we empower our clients to embrace innovation, streamline their operations, and seize new opportunities for success in the constantly evolving industry.

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