Pinnacle Series by Eaglepoint Software

Pinnacle Series by Eaglepoint Software

Best in Class AEC E-Learning Software

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Pinnacle Series was designed by engineers, for engineers. Our smart e-learning system offers a wide variety of high-quality engineering training content, encompassing Autodesk, V-Ray, Lumion and Bluebeam help and more. Enhance your staff’s knowledge and productivity with the top engineering software training solution on the market.

Looking for Training On?


Autodesk Software

Improving quality and communication at your organization begins with comprehensive Autodesk software training. Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series is the leading resource for online training on Autodesk’s expansive suite of products. Our comprehensive Autodesk software training content includes:

Software training videos available on demand

Learning paths that cover Autodesk software fundamentals, providing an overview of each product
Workflows on design processes, collaboration, documentation, administrative setup, and more
Documents you can quickly reference for commonly asked questions

Some products include: 3ds Max, Advance Steel, AutoCAD, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Civil 3D, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and More!

Visualization Software

When you choose Pinnacle Series for your Lumion or V-Ray software training, you’ll get expert-created training content to ensure that your team is confident using the program to design their projects.

Our Lumion software training library includes:

A learning path including 3 courses to get your teams started using the software, developing scenes, and generating the final result
12 training videos
A workflow covering 3 visualization processes

Our V-Ray for Revit training library includes:

1 learning path teaching users V-Ray for Revit
10 training videos
1 workflow on working with proxy objects

Bluebeam Software

With Pinnacle Series, you’ll get a library of Bluebeam Revu training materials to make sure everyone on your team is comfortable using the program. Our learning resources include:

2 tips and tricks documents
4 Learning Paths with courses covering an introduction to Bluebeam Revu, basic skills, advanced skills, and collaboration
100+ training videos on using Bluebeam Revu
2 Workflows on construction management and design management

Top Solutions to Your Challenges


My team needs to improve their skills with Autodesk tools like Revit, Civil 3D, and BIM 360.


Get On Demand Training from Industry experts through the Pinnacle Platform. Our libraries include thousands of courses, How-to-videos, workflows and tips, tricks and troubleshooting documents guiding users through these tools and dozens of others in the AEC ecosystem.


We don’t have a centralized information hub where employees can explore company best practices, reference standard operating procedures of share their own knowledge and lessons learned.


One of pinnacle’s most powerful applications is capturing and sharing knowledge within the company. You can designate employees as subject-matter experts to take ownership of topics and add their own custom content or notes to the platform. Any existing company documentation, training videos, and other company resources can live in pinnacle as well.


Sometimes our client deliverables are delayed due to preventable errors and re-work during projects.


When employees have instance access to engineering software training in pinnacle series, it enables them to solve problems as they encounter them. If they’re unsure of the next step during a project, it’s as simple as opening pinnacle, doing a quick search and finding the information they need to complete the task at hand.


It can be challenging to attract and retain top talent in the engineering space.


Creating a company culture that nurtures professional growth can set your firm apart from the competitors. With pinnacle series, you can support high achievers by giving them opportunities to develop professionally and accelerate their careers. Any employee can become top talent with the resources and motivation!

Case Studies


HH Angus & Associates

Associated Engineering

David Partnership Architects

Top Pinnacle Series Features


Expert-developed Training Assets

No matter what engineering software your firm uses, there’s a good chance Pinnacle Series contains
comprehensive training resources. Find thousands of courses, videos, documents, and workflows for engineering software like Civil 3D, Revit, Microstation, AutoCAD, BIM 360, and more—all created by industry experts.

Custom Content

Designate administrators and subject-matter experts on your Pinnacle platform to collect the best information from your most knowledgeable employees. Upload this content and any other internal documentation or training videos to make Pinnacle a full knowledge repository for staff. You can also edit any of our content to fit your needs and company guidelines.

Interactive Social Features

Users can like, share, and comment on all content in your Pinnacle Series e-learning system. This information is only shared internally within your organization. Administrators can also create private Work Groups to share specific project information without making it accessible to all internal Pinnacle users. Add external users like subcontractors to these groups as well, so they can participate in projects without accessing the entire e-learning interface.

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Our user-friendly AEC e-learning system features expert developed training for dozens of software applications and topics. Organizations can customize content to fit company standards, upload documentation and training videos, monitor employee progress, and so much more.

Created for and by AEC professionals, we think you’ll love everything Pinnacle Series has to offer. Schedule a demonstration or start your free trial today to see our e-learning system in action.