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SolidCAD’s Civil Infrastructure & GIS division stands at the forefront of technological innovation, uniquely positioned to support owners, designers, and all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of their projects. 

Designed to empower project stakeholders at every turn, we bring a wealth of experience from both the civil infrastructure and technological spheres, ensuring your projects not only move forward but leap ahead.

With experience in both the civil infrastructure and technology spaces, you can trust SolidCAD to propel your projects forward. Our unique services include BIM, CAD, and GIS consulting, encompassing comprehensive data management and enterprise integrations. This blend of services ensures that SolidCAD is more than a consultant; we are your project accelerator.

Bridging GIS, CAD & BIM for Civil Engineering Excellence

Our division combines the expertise of GIS and CAD/BIM into a singular consulting service. This structure allows us to offer specialized services while maintaining a holistic view of project needs. 

Our team are experts in the spatial context of civil infrastructure, and lead the industry in CAD to GIS integrations, ensuring seamless incorporation of geospatial data and technologies into the civil engineering domain.

At SolidCAD, we blend deep industry insights with cutting-edge technology expertise to deliver solutions that are not just innovative but are also custom-crafted to meet the unique demands of your projects. 

Our Service Capabilities

At SolidCAD, we specialize in a broad spectrum of services designed to enhance and tailor the Autodesk software ecosystem to meet the specific needs of your business.

Bridge Design Workflow: Embracing BrIM

We redefine bridge design through the introduction of Bridge Information Modeling (BrIM), a specialized adaptation of BIM that heralds a new era of efficiency and integration in bridge projects. This transformative workflow encapsulates the entire design process within a BIM context, promising enhanced efficiency, strict compliance, and unwavering data integrity.

Our strategy addresses the fragmented nature of traditional bridge design, where no single software could meet all needs, leading to cumbersome and manual processes. 

We prioritize efficiency, standardization, and productivity, supported by cutting-edge software and methodologies. From conceptualization to detailed analysis and documentation, our goal is to empower you with the precision and compliance needed to bring visionary projects to life, setting new standards in bridge design workflows.

By leveraging a suite of Autodesk tools and our proprietary integration techniques, we offer a comprehensive, parametric methodology that spans from initial concept to detailed design. This not only streamlines modifications and reduces complexity but also sets a new standard for bridge design workflows.

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CAD Standards & Templates

At SolidCAD, we recognize the importance of precision, efficiency, and quality in design projects. Our CAD Standards and Design Templates service is aimed at transforming your design process, instilling consistency, enhancing productivity, and improving work quality. 

By adopting CAD standards and templates, you can achieve uniformity across projects, reduce the time and effort needed for new projects, improve design accuracy, and minimize errors.

Our approach to CAD standards and templates development is collaborative, aimed at reflecting your unique organizational practices and industry regulations. This involves assessing your current workflows, creating customized standards, assisting in their implementation, and providing comprehensive training for your team.

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CAN-FLOW: Field-to-Finish

Extend the functionality of your Autodesk software with custom plug-ins designed by SolidCAD. 

CAN-FLOW is our revolutionary platform that streamlines the journey from field data collection to final design execution. 

Tailored for professionals across North America, this solution automates and standardizes the once disjointed process of transitioning data to GIS integration, enhancing collaboration, reducing downtime, and providing a competitive edge through improved efficiency and productivity.

CAN-FLOW offers a comprehensive suite of templates and workflows that automate and standardize the transition from data capture to GIS integration. This platform drastically improves how survey data is collected, interpreted, and managed, providing a seamless, efficient workflow that replaces the traditional, disjointed processes. 

By enhancing collaboration between field surveyors, project managers, and engineers, CAN-FLOW ensures that data flows smoothly and efficiently across all project stages. 

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Digital Submissions for Municipalities

Our Digital Drawings Submission and Validation services are specifically designed to modernize the digital submission process, allowing municipalities to transition from manual, outdated systems to a sophisticated, automated digital platform. 

This is an innovative approach that significantly enhances accuracy, reduces processing times and costs, and fosters a more agile urban development ecosystem, ultimately supporting municipalities in becoming more responsive to development needs.

By adopting our services, municipalities can achieve greater efficiency, ensure compliance, save costs, promote sustainability, and improve service quality, paving the way for a digital transformation in municipal operations that prioritizes efficiency, compliance, and sustainability.

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GIS Consulting & Data Management

By merging CAD and BIM with GIS’s expansive capabilities, our GIS Consulting Services offer unparalleled integration, data quality, and workflow optimization. 

From strategic planning to implementation, our services enrich decision-making, project outcomes, and support sustainable development, laying down a roadmap that incorporates advanced technologies and effective data management to elevate your projects.

Our GIS Consulting Services extend beyond planning and integration, including enterprise GIS design and deployment, GIS customization and development, data management and analysis, and transformative ETL services.

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Workflow Optimization

Recognizing that technology is only as effective as the workflows it supports, our Workflow Optimization services are designed to enhance productivity by eliminating inefficiencies. 

By analyzing, identifying, and rectifying bottlenecks, we ensure our clients not only have access to advanced tools but operate in an optimized environment to achieve project success efficiently. 

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Our Recent Success

These real-life cases illustrate how we’ve empowered businesses to streamline their operations, breaking down silos and enhance interdepartmental communication. Each story is a testament to how our strategic approach has not only solved complex issues but paved the way for seamless and productive workflows.


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Why Choose SolidCAD?

Choosing SolidCAD means partnering with a leader dedicated to merging technological innovation with best industry practices. 

Our comprehensive suite of services, from BrIM in bridge design to cutting-edge GIS consulting, empowers stakeholders to realize efficiency, accuracy, and innovation, making us not just consultants but partners in crafting the future of public infrastructure. 

With SolidCAD, you harness a blend of innovation, practicality, and sustainability, all focused on delivering customer satisfaction and technical excellence to efficiently achieve your project objectives.