SolidCAD’s Bridge Design Workflow

The BIM Approach

SolidCAD is excited to introduce our latest professional services offering.  Our team of technology experts have developed a streamlined process for bridge design that simplifies a traditionally cumbersome and disconnected process – all in the context of a BIM Model.

Utilizing a collection of Autodesk tools and leveraging our integration experience, our exciting new workflow reduces the overall number of steps and capitalizes on a fully parametric approach from concept to detailed design.  No data loss and reduced complexity!

We begin with an analysis that examines your existing design process and desired outcomes. During this, we identify bottlenecks and workflow redundancies as well as breaking points that could be caused by interacting different file formats between multiple Autodesk applications. From there, we develop a custom service plan, highlighting the implementation of our custom bridge design workflow, with duration, cost, outcomes and projected benefits.

Our Bridge Design Workflow includes aspects of:
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Standards Development and Best Practices
  • Setup and Deployment Plan
  • Data Integration
  • Software Development / Customization (Dynamo/API/BIM 360 Forge)
  • BIM Project Consulting

If you are interested in learning more about our bridge design workflow, contact us today!