Why Us – Our Client Success Commitment

Why Us

Our Client Success Commitment

At SolidCAD, we believe in a client-centered approach: we listen, understand, and execute, tailoring our strategies to align perfectly with your unique vision.

Why Us - Our Client Success Commitment

Our Promise is to be your special resource in achieving the highest growth, quality, and efficiency throughout your digital transformation journey.


Our commitment at SolidCAD is to ensure the success of our clients. We make it a priority to gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by your organization. By actively listening and aligning with your goals, we provide insightful guidance, empowering you to make informed decisions crucial for achieving your objectives.

What distinguishes our approach is our exceptional team. The SolidCAD success team is more than a partner; we’re collaborators, ready to connect you with the right resources within our network or amongst our trusted partners. Together, we’ll devise a transformative strategy that elevates your organization to new heights of success.

Our Approach

Strategic Alignment for Executive Success

Envision a consultancy that not only foresees your business challenges but also aligns solutions with your goals. Strategic alignment is at the heart of what we do. Supported by our dedicated client success team, we focus on understanding the nuances of your unique challenges and aligning our strategies with your overarching goals. Our approach transcends mere problem-solving, aiming to strategically prevent challenges and ensure a seamless, value-driven journey to success.

Partnership for Value Creation

In today’s dynamic business environment, access to strategic resources and top-tier expertise is key to creating value. Our client success team goes beyond traditional support; we are your resource hub. We offer unparalleled insights, best practices, and industry expertise, tailored to align perfectly with your objectives.

Tailored Solutions for Strategic Objectives

Understanding the uniqueness of your objectives, our client success team is committed to ensuring our recommendations are precisely aligned with your strategic goals. You are more than a client to us; you are a partner. Our dedication is to your success, achieved through a harmonious alignment with your dedicated SolidCAD team.

Continuous Improvement

Success is a continuous strategic journey, not a singular achievement. Our commitment extends beyond the completion of projects, focusing on ongoing monitoring and evaluation of solution effectiveness. Our goal is to ensure that your strategic processes are consistently optimized and aligned, fostering sustainable growth and profitability.

Insights & Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

In today’s business landscape, transparency and data-driven decision-making are fundamental to strategic success. With our executive-centric approach, we ensure you are consistently informed through regular reports and insights. This provides a comprehensive view of our services’ impact on your business. Our aim is to empower you with vital information for evaluating ROI and making informed decisions that propel your organization forward.

Our Team

Brian Kettle

Director of Client Success

Jacky Huynh

Client Success Representative

Natalie Mishan

Client Success Representative

Stephen DaSilva

Client Success Representative

Lynda Laramee

Client Success Representative

Adolfo Delgado Cordero

Client Success Representative

Kurvin Silvio

Client Success Representative

How we can help

Imagine simplifying your digital landscape, where seamless integration meets actionable insights? With us, it's not just an imagination—it's your new reality. We encourage organizations to think and integrate technology differently, to empower innovation and efficiency across all departments and workflows.

We help you through our vast digital transformation consulting, our largest selection of design & make solutions, and automation and IP development elevate your design and manufacturing processes to a level of collaboration and efficiency you've never experienced before.

Through it all, our dedicated support teams stand by you, ensuring your journey towards technological excellence is smooth and continuous.

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