Circle 5

Company Info:

Founded in 1987, Circle 5 has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing and prototyping industry. Their expertise in machining both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, combined with their state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC and EDM capabilities, sets them apart.

The injection mold company started over 35 years ago with 5 partners, giving them the 5 in their company name. They mainly service the automotive industry at 70% of their capacity while the remaining 30% is in medical, seating, farm equipment, and home products. They are focused on a diversity of products while keeping automotive at its core.

Despite the challenges faced by many in this industry, Circle 5 continues to grow, break new ground, and embrace new technologies. Their positive outlook and commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and value for their clients is always their top priority

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Implementing PowerMill with Hands-On Local Support for Reduced Cost and Production Time



Having risen to champion many of the current industry challenges, Circle 5 have been able to find continued success and made plans for expansion. This presented a new challenge, as their current software was not able to support them in this expansion and, additionally, the costs of the software itself were continuously rising. Realizing they needed a new partner to help them achieve their goals for the future, they reached out to SolidCAD to start the collaboration.


As an industry leader, Circle 5’s customers expect high quality and consistency at all times. This means that they need a software solution that is extremely flexible and can be custom tailored to their needs. They were already using PowerMill in a limited capacity and wanted to see what it could do across the company. SolidCAD’s team agreed that this would be the best solution for them and were able to offer the technical expertise that Circle 5 needed to fully make the switch. In the implementation process, local support was extremely pivotal to the migration. The team spent several weeks on site installing the system and helping to build a new process for Circle 5 to make their products.

The Results:
  • Customization and automation have been the key to improving their business operation
  • The implementation of PowerMill has allowed for lower user input
  • Their new process decreases both cost and turn around time

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“To other companies that are in our position: Buy into learning with SolidCAD. It’s worth developing that relationship. It’s in the name, they are solid!”

Terry Bennett

Special Projects Manager, Circle 5