Automated Plan Production made more efficiently using CTC Software’s CIM Project Suite: Sheet Generator

Feb 11, 2021 @ 13:30:00 ET (30 mins)

You can’t afford to create plan and profile sheets without these tools!

Join us as we explore the incredibly flexible and efficient workflow that CTC’s Sheet Generator offers for creating plan and profile sheets. This workflow takes advantage of some of the profile creation tools that native Civil 3D offers while adding improved flexibility to the process. Instead of working with Civil 3D’s cumbersome View Frames, this workflow uses simple polygons and polylines for preliminary plan view viewport layout.

With only a few minor tweaks to your template, these tools can be integrated into your company standards and have you creating and updating layout sheets in minutes. The capability to update sheets is a major factor that sets these tools apart from the competition. Along with seamless integration into current sheet set manager workflows, these tools are quickly becoming a “must-have” for industry leaders.

Join SolidCAD’s Technical Specialist, Colin Gaudet, for a webinar on the Sheet Generator workflow and see how the CIM Project Suite can set you apart when it comes to planning production.