Introduction to Length Calculator from the BIM Project Suite

Oct 13, 2021 @ 13:00:00 to 14:00:00 (60 mins)

Revit will not report total values when multiple items are selected. In ductwork, piping, conduit, and cable tray, we often want to know the total run length of a selected collection of MEP components. What we typically have to do is create a schedule, establish some kind of filter, and set totals for this kind of information. This certainly is not the most convenient when all we want is a run-length quickly.

Enter the Length Calculator from the BIM Project Suite. This webinar will demonstrate live how Duct, Pipe, Conduit, and Cable tray lengths can be quickly calculated with no extra steps and for free.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the traditional methods for calculating length in MEP
  • Identify simple selections for runs of MEP components
  • Define the properties that are used in the length calculation totals
  • Learn how to obtain this BIM Project Suite tool for free