Introduction to Schedule Parameter Resolver from the BIM Manager Suite

Apr 18, 2023 @ 13:00:00 to 14:00:00 (60 mins)

Working with schedules in Revit® can turbocharge your BIM environment. However, the schedules can also be frustrating when more than one parameter with the same name exists for a category. The game of “parameter roulette” destroys schedule headers, groupings and column unit overrides. Instead of playing “guess-your-best,” the Schedule Parameter Resolver tool can save frustration by swapping schedule columns directly from your shared parameter file. Even more importantly, you can implement these changes to multiple schedules at the same time. Attend this webinar to see the Schedule Parameter Resolver work live in the Revit project environment.


    1. Introduction to the Schedule Parameter Resolver user interface and workflow
    2. Define the source of parameters for use in swapping
    3. Plan efficient swapping of scheduled parameters
    4. Apply parameter swap selections to multiple schedules