Previews… More like Pro-views: Professional Revit Family Previews the Easy Way Using the Free Family Preview Generator

Sep 23, 2021 @ 13:30:00 ET (60 mins)

Get more control over your Family Preview Images!

With the free tool of Family Preview Generator, users can now easily preview Revit family images for entire libraries quickly and consistently. FPM can process thousands of families, applying pre-set properties based on the category of the family. Using this tool improves visual recognition of components in folders and project models.

Learn how you can improve the visual appeal of Revit Family thumbnails which can be applied to a single-family file, or multiple family files in a unified interface.

Learning Objectives:
• Establish preview generation rules for repeatable preview generation.
• Run test preview generation on active family(ies)
• Implement Family Preview Generation on all content in the library.

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