Table anything with CTC’s CIM Project Suite Tools: Data Wizard

Feb 18, 2021 @ 13:30:00 ET (30 mins)

Tabling, legend creation, and QTO workflows leave a lot to be desired in Civil 3D, forcing us to use many different subpar tools, or worse, performing the work manually in Civil 3D or even on paper.

Join SolidCAD’s Technical Specialist, Colin Gaudet, for a webinar on Legends, Tables, and QTO using CTC Software’s Data Wizard.
• Scan any number of layouts, viewports, Xreferences, or other drawings for AutoCAD and Civil 3D objects
• Generate legends, tables, QTOs, and more automatically

Learn how Data Wizard can eliminate potential human error and become a valuable tool for efficiently quantifying and tabling objects in your designs. This tool offers the ability to save tabling and quantifying criteria for even more efficiency.

CTC Software’s solution for lackluster QTO and tabling in Civil 3D is a powerful tool for any project and might just become your favorite tool in the CIM Project Suite.