The Best Site Design Workflow in Civil 3D

Mar 17, 2021 @ 13:00:00 ET (60 mins)

With recent releases of new apps from CTC SoftwareTM, the commercial site design has been completely reimagined. With Auto Grader we'll grade out curbs, ponds, and more through customizable "grading families", generating dozens of feature lines automatically, where normally tedious stepped offsetting would be required. With Earthwork Processor we'll quickly tabulate earthwork volumes, accounting for varying subgrade and stripping depths. With Label Genie we'll blanket the site with 100s of spot and slope labels in just a few clicks. When the design changes, all feature lines, earthworks, and labels will update automatically.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define "grading families" to automatically offset dozens of feature lines at once for curbs, ponds, and more
  • Create "earthwork sets", accounting for variable-depth subgrades and tabulate cut/fill results
  • Automatically label all site features with custom label scenarios, inserting 1000s of labels at once
  • Update all feature lines, earthworks, and labels when designs change with just a few clicks