Leading Autodesk Solutions Providers, KETIV and SolidCAD establish a strategic Partnership


TORONTO, ON, December 5, 2017— SolidCAD, a leading Autodesk Platinum Partner and Canada’s premier technology solution and professional service provider, has announced its strategic partnership with KETIV Technologies, INC. SolidCAD and KETIV will work together to improve their services and access to Autodesk software to better serve their clients across North America.

“We are excited to establish this new partnership with another Autodesk Platinum Reseller,” said Michael Kugan, President, SolidCAD. “Many of our Canadian clients have multiple offices throughout North America. This alliance allows both companies to better serve our existing customers and offer a broad range of custom professional services and product expertise. The decision to develop this relationship with another market leader will help establish our position as a Canadian national leader in the professional services industry.”

“Both companies share a similar vision and values centered around empowering our clients through guidance, support and technology adoption, ensuring our customer’s success”, says Anthony Rodriguez, VP of KETIV. “Whether in the United States or Canada, our clients will have a seamless and consistent customer experience. That customer experience will be built around our belief that knowledge should be shared. We encourage and invite all SolidCAD customers to join our free year-round, live Autodesk learning sessions called Autodesk Virtual Academy (AVA).” To learn more about Autodesk Virtual Academy, click here.

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Founded in 1983 as a pioneering Autodesk reseller, KETIV empowers businesses through knowledge and innovation.  As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we provide products, consulting services and technical support that drive business success. Our deep experience encompasses the entire development process, from concept to final delivery. We are driven by a forward-looking, service-driven and knowledge-sharing culture, which influences every customer interaction. We deliver both hands-on consultation and industry-wide learning experiences, such as our Autodesk Virtual Academy. We guide, we inform, we serve. We earn trust. We make businesses better. Learn more at ketiv.com

About SolidCAD

For 25 years SolidCAD has operated as one of the leading Autodesk Platinum Partners in Canada.SolidCAD specializes in technology that supports multiple industries including Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Civil Infrastructure, and Manufacturing.

We provide the highest level of service, expert support and a broad range of custom professional services and products from Autodesk, Bluebeam, CTC, Chaos Group, Matterport, Lumion, Accruent, and more. We also employ one of the largest teams of industry technology experts across Canada, in all time zones, and both official languages.