Ministry of Public Works - Government of Bermuda

Company Info

The Ministry of Public Works is responsible for maintaining Bermuda’s critical assets and providing essential services.The Ministry manages and maintains public lands, buildings, highways, roads, water supplies and parks, provides essential services such as waste collection, sewage, land title and registration and land valuation.


“Because we are a branch of government, we needed to get 3 estimates for the work required. We reached out to multiple service providers in the U.S. and Canada. SolidCAD was incredibly responsive. They provided an intricately detailed proposal, and their prices were competitive. This was a remarkable engagement from start to finish, and the onsite trainer relayed his knowledge expertly.”
Carolina Drew, Highway Design Engineer, MIHE

Project Profile


In Bermuda, the Works and Engineering/Estates departments within the Ministry of Public Work, Government of Bermuda upgraded from Civil 3D 2011 to 2018 overnight. This sudden transition required their 8-person team to get up to speed in record time. Their training needs ranged from basic to advanced, and they also wanted to optimize data interchange between surveyors and the team.

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