FluidFlow provides a complete solution for the design, analysis and troubleshooting of flow through piping systems for liquids, gases, two-phase fluids, settling and non-settling slurries.

This software is used by thousands of engineers worldwide from small design projects to large complex pipe networks.The efficient and accurate modeling of your pipe flow networks is essential for the design of energy efficient, safe, reliable flow systems that are easy to operate and maintain. FluidFlow can be used by mining companies, power generation plants, water treatment systems, oil/gas companies, heating and chilling systems, gas collection systems.

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The Liquid Module is used to accurately design and analyse liquid flow systems across a diverse range of industries. Customers have seen significant reductions in design costs, faster project delivery and continue to experience increased productivity and quality of plant design.
The Gas Module allows engineers to perform design and analysis of complex gas systems. Customers find that the FluidFlow gas calculation algorithms consistently provide accurate results for technically complex systems and plant with high velocities. This accuracy ensures FluidFlow3 users are confident they are delivering safe and efficient systems.
Two-Phase flow systems are often difficult to design and analyze. Customers use the FluidFlow3 Two-Phase Module to successfully develop a detailed understanding of their systems, reduce costly design errors and eliminate undesirable operating conditions.
FluidFlow slurry modeling consistently enables our users to avoid settling in pipes and to be confident they are designing a robust system. The ability to model complex slurries (with both settling and non-settling elements) ensures FluidFlow3 users can deliver slurry pipeline designs with significantly reduced resource requirements.
The Scripting module is a powerful tool that enables dynamic analysis of piping systems allowing designers to understand the operating behaviour of systems. A wide range of design tasks can be undertaken such as: identify the most efficient operating speed of multiple pumps; determine the optimum insulation thickness for piping systems; and simulate pressure and velocity fluctuations in systems with changing demand profiles.