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SolidCAD's programmers have put together the Vault Tool-kit to help maximize the use of Autodesk's vault.
Through a simple and intuitive interface, any user can quickly analyze their working folder to obtain a report of files which do not reside within the vault.
Through the use of Vault Mirror Plus, data stored within the vault can quickly and easily be copied out to any location. The utility can be either run on-demand or on a pre-set interval using a scheduled task.
Through the use of our Vault extension, many folders within the vault can be created within the working folder with a single operation.
Through the use of this Vault Explorer extension, setup of new projects in the vault is greatly simplified as existing folder structures can easily be cloned. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to configure the vault environment.
Through the use of our Job Queue Monitor, an email is sent to designated recipients at whatever time interval is most convenient. Very easy to deploy and configure, administrators of the Job Queue will definitely love our Job Queue Monitor utility!