Autodesk Construction Cloud Solutions

Autodesk Connected Construction Cloud Solutions

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction.

Bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction software solution. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth.

Linked workflows move information between teams quickly, and critical context doesn’t get lost along the way. Plan, escalate, and resolve work—all in one place.

Powerful, purpose-built tools for all construction stakeholders. Model the right workflows for your projects and easily manage how information is shared with partners, securely.

A solution for every step of design and construction

For General Contractor

Reduce cost and improve transparency by connecting the field and office.

For Subcontractors

Deliver on time and on budget with connected tools for the field and the office.

For Designers

Seamlessly collaborate on coordinated, constructible designs wherever you are.

For Owners

Connect with your build partners for greater visibility into your project portfolio.

Explore Key Autodesk Construction Cloud Products


Construction management software for comprehensive field execution and project management that empowers you to seamlessly collaborate and deliver construction projects on time, on budget.

Key Features:

  • Centralize Issue Management: Manage all design, quality, and safety issues from one place.
  • Connect Field & Office: Capture what is happening in the field and share it with stakeholders in a central gallery.
  • Streamline Quality & Safety Inspections: Ensure the entire team maintains quality and safety standards from any device, anywhere.

Additional features:

Mobile Punch Lists: Easy-to-use punch list and digital closeout tools ensure that the work is complete and compliant.

Customized Reports: Generate and share reports with team members to keep everyone updated on work progress.

Predictive Insights: Gain visibility into high-risk issues that can impact cost, schedule, quality, and safety.

Standardized Forms: Standardize data collection with customizable quality and safety checklists.

Connect document management across the project lifecycle. A centralized document management solution that acts as a single source of truth across the project lifecycle for all project teams.

Key Features:

  • Document Control: Get the right information into the right hands with structured folders and robust permission tools.
  • Document Approvals: Reduce manual efforts, and automate the review of drawings, models, and documents before publishing and sharing.
  • Document Collaboration: Communicate with markups and issues, enhancing collaboration between teams.
  • Design Review: Identify and prioritize design and engineering problems with markups, issues, automated reviews, and Construction IQ.

Additional Features:

Transmittals: Easily create and share transmittals with project teams and track with a full audit trail.

Desktop Connector: Open, save, move, rename, and delete files directly from your desktop with Desktop Connector.

Authoring Tool Integrations: Integrations with Autodesk tools like AutoCAD and Revit, streamline workflows, and reduce duplication.

2D and 3D Support: Seamlessly upload and view 2D drawings and 3D models, ensuring that teams have the right information.

2D takeoffs & 3D quantities from a single solution. Win more work with competitive bids that are generated from accurate estimates produced from integrated takeoffs and quantities.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-Based Document Management: Estimating teams get simplified access to relevant construction documents, drawings, and 3D models, resulting in improved collaboration.
  • Simplified 2D Takeoff: Easily capture project scope with linear, count, and area takeoff. Generate multiple quantities and use custom formulas.
  • Automated 3D Takeoff: Get instant access to quantities from the BIM model to achieve tremendous time savings and project scope visualization.
  • Aggregate 2D & 3D Takeoff: Takeoff types can be used across 2D and 3D takeoff, allowing teams to access aggregated quantities from drawings and models in a highly organized and customizable view.

Additional Features:

Multiple Classifications: Use predefined classification systems or upload custom classifications across projects. Supports multiple classifications showing for materials.

Takeoff – Any Way You Want: Choose the imperial or metric measurement system based on your project’s needs. Takeoff once and generate multiple quantities.

Formula-Based Quantities: Use customized formulas to generate complex quantities in both 2D and 3D – takeoff with confidence with our formula checker.

Connect to Estimating Solutions: Aggregated 2D+3D quantities can be rolled up by classification, type, and material to allow for an easy connection to estimating solutions through Excel export.

Coordinate teams and models from one place.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate empowers project teams to align and execute on design intent and constructability by managing the entire design collaboration and coordination workflow.

Key Features:

  • Automated Clash Detection: Upload models and automatically identify clashes without the need to condition your model. Save time reviewing clashes by automatically organizing them into groups.
  • Connected Issue Management: Easily turn clashes into issues and assign to a team member, team, or company to resolve. Track and verify design fixes in Design Collaboration and Model Coordination modules.
  • Transparent Project Status: Quickly view the latest design changes and the current state of your project.
  • Federated Model Coordination: Aggregate and review multi-trade, multi-format models, always from the latest design data.

Features of Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro:

Revit Cloud Worksharing: Co-design in Revit with extended teams from anywhere, staying focused on the design at hand and meeting project deadlines

Collaboration for Civil 3D: Collaborate on Civil 3D files, data shortcuts, and XRefs from any location with extended teams to move civil infrastructure projects across the finish line.

Collaboration for Plant 3D: Securely share Plant 3D files across teams. Manage permissions, visualize changes, and keep teams on the same page.

Find reliable partners for every job on the Builders Network. Streamline bid management from start to finish. Access over 1,000,000 construction professionals on our network, simplify bid workflows, and manage subcontractor risk in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Qualify Subs: Choose the most qualified subs for the job with integrated risk analysis with TradeTapp.
  • Custom Bid Forms: Create custom bid forms to go out with your ITB and add scope-specific line items for the sub to fill out.
  • Level Bids: Compare bid side-by-side in an apples-to-apples fashion and choose the best subcontractor for every project.
  • Bid Analytics: Get unparalleled insights across your company with our detailed performance metrics and historical cost tracking.

Assemble enables construction professionals to condition, query, and connect BIM data to key workflows including design reviews, takeoffs, estimating, change management, and value engineering to reduce risk and improve efficiencies during project planning and execution.

Key Features:

  • Instant access to BIM: Provide the entire project team with access to the model and drawings to quickly group, sort and filter quantities and associated meta-data.
  • Instant Access to Quantities: Instant access to complete project inventory to easily organize project data by user defined parameters such as bid package, locations, phase, WBS, or work activity codes.
  • Real-time Project Updates: Improve work in place (WIP), lookahead, status tracking, and inventory management workflows when accessing specific model views by trade or scope.
  • Increase Access and Accountability: Access specs and other project documents from BIM 360 directly in the Assemble model to identify, track, and resolve project issues quicker and with greater transparency.

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