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Empowering Water Experts: The Software You Need

Design, Model, Optimize, and Manage

Innovyze, an Autodesk Company, Software solutions for the water industry, is a leading software that supports you in managing water, from source to outfall:

  • Design drainage, including green/sustainable drainage (SuDS, WSuDS, LIDs)
  • Design and model sewerage and wastewater systems
  • Model catchments and watersheds, integrating rural, urban, and river, with 1D and 2D hydraulics, and industry-leading flood models
  • Model and optimize clean water distribution
  • Carry out live modeling, forecasting, and analytics, for better, more informed decision-making as events unfold
  • Manage and maintain water infrastructure assets effectively

Working with Innovyze, an Autodesk Company will help you and your clients to efficiently deliver essential services in water and wastewater, support the resilient provision of essential services, manage and maximize the value of assets, and enhance the environment

Ensure resilient water infrastructure with Autodesk

Create detailed, sustainable drainage designs

Optimize water networks to mitigate flooding and meet regulatory requirements with drainage design and analysis solutions for designers, developers, consultants, and approval authorities. Powerful integrations with BIM, CAD, and GIS platforms help improve efficiency, compliance, and control across the project lifecycle.

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Holistic stormwater, wastewater, and flood modeling

Build stronger community resilience and improve environmental protection against the pressures of urbanization and extreme weather events with integrated catchment modeling software. Model complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively to improve stormwater and wastewater planning and management.

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Accurate representation of water distribution networks

Reduce operating costs and improve service with comprehensive water distribution analysis and modeling tools. Hydraulic modelers, engineers, and GIS practitioners of all experience levels can benefit from a wide range of capabilities from spatial analysis and visualization to scripting and automated model maintenance.

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Network management to reduce operational risk

Understand what assets make up your water network and proactively plan maintenance, repairs, rehabilitation, and replacements with risk-based prioritization. Utilities can improve and streamline their asset management plans with digital tools to manage and process inspection data and asset information.

Real-time insights to enhance service

Use cloud-based solutions to extract actionable insights from operational data and clearly communicate to stakeholders. Address operational inefficiencies, improve system reliability, allow real-time management of incidents, inform better asset management, and reduce both labor and non-labor costs.

Innovyze Products


Whether you’re designing, modeling, analyzing, managing, or investing in water and wastewater networks, we have software to help.

InfoWorks ICM
InfoWater Pro
InfoWorks WS Pro

InfoWorks ICM is advanced integrated catchment modeling software for modeling complex hydraulic and hydrologic network elements quickly, accurately, and collaboratively for water and wastewater. With InfoWorks ICM, you can:

  • Plan for capacity improvements, system expansions, and emergency scenarios
  • Deliver easy-to-interpret visual results
  • Accommodate small municipalities and large enterprise organizations

Why use InfoWorks ICM?

Single quality platform

Purpose-built to provide comprehensive solutions to water issues

Reliable and fast

Minimize project downtime from otherwise lengthy simulations.

Connects teams

Experience a truly collaborative approach in the technical workspace.

Protects people and environments

Stay informed about forecast network response to allow flood prevention.

What you can do with InfoWorks ICM

Deliver quality with one platform

Create or import a project in InfoWorks ICM, with simulation solvers in one place. Integrated catchment modeling (ICM) and stormwater management model (SWMM)-based hydraulic assessments allow for rich simulation of rivers, sewer systems, runoff calculations, and overland flooding.

Save time on projects

Increase collaboration and reduce project downtime with fast simulations so you can make clear and decisive engineering decisions. Streamline model building and data entry to free up time for interpreting results.

Plan for the future: improve flood risk protection

Quickly delve into complex infrastructure challenges and return with a comprehensive understanding and solutions. Explain water issues to your community and provide them with mitigation plans and confidence in your decisions.


InfoDrainage is a full design and analysis solution that designers, developers, landscape architects, engineers, consultants, and approval authorities rely on to:

  • Design and audit drainage systems quickly and confidently
  • Deliver sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant designs
  • Access a complete BIM (Building Information Modeling) solution

Why use InfoDrainage?

Easy to use

Use a single, automated platform for any project, with intuitive controls and clear visualization.

Optimized design

Deliver compliant, sustainable, optimally sized, cost-effective designs—on time and within budget.

Quicker approvals

Streamline approval processes with clear, defendable, and reviewable drainage designs.

What you can do with InfoDrainage

Easy to use

Use a single, automated platform for any project, with intuitive controls and clear visualization.

Optimized design

Deliver compliant, sustainable, optimally sized, cost-effective designs—on time and within budget.

Quicker approvals

Deliver compliant, sustainable, optimally sized, cost-effective designs—on time and within budget.


Engineers use InfoWater Pro software to model water distribution systems in an easy-to-use GIS interface.

  • Leverage spatial analysis tools available in ArcGIS Pro to help with model building and management
  • Run countless scenarios to simulate a wide range of simulations
  • Present results clearly that you can share in ArcGIS Online

Why use InfoWater Pro?

Easily map and analyze water systems

Map, design, and analyze water distribution systems from within ArcGIS Pro.

Maintain service levels

Ensure adequate pressure to serve customers even during fireflow events.

Be prepared to respond to emergencies

Find out how a pipe break, a fire, a contamination, or an outage would impact customers.

What you can do with InfoWater Pro?

Seamless GIS data migration to Infowater Pro

Make the most of your hard-earned GIS data to efficiently build and update your water distribution models, with a 1:1 relationship between InfoWater Pro models and ArcGIS Pro.

Take advantage of non-native modeling data

Use a customer layer to find out who will be affected by an incident and improve model calibration with more accurate demand allocation using meter data.

Share modeling information easily

The close integration of InfoWater Pro with ArcGIS Online and new Web Services makes it easy to share data within and outside your organization


With InfoWorks WS Pro, engineers can accurately model water distribution systems.

  • Collaborate within and across teams and organizations, leveraging a multi-user master database.
  • Simulate what-if scenarios to plan for the short- and long-term horizons.
  • Accurately represent system operations in record speed, including a wide range of pumps and valves.

Why use InfoWater Pro?

Collaborate within and between teams

Improve productivity with team editing of the water distribution model and smart tracking.

Efficiently simulate models of all sizes

Conduct rapid analysis, even on very large all-pipe models.

Trust operational insights

Increase operational confidence through SCADA integration and detailed hydraulics.

What you can do with InfoWorks WS Pro

Boost efficiency in representing real water systems

Automate the connection to third-party applications such as GIS and telemetry, shortening model building time while ensuring model results reflect the real system. InfoWorks WS Pro improves productivity and provides a reliable decision-support tool.

Improve team productivity with reliable database operations

Scalable, enterprise-access hydraulic models provide multi-user editing, version-controlled model tracking to resolve conflicts between changes, customizable user permissions, and data flags to keep track of changes in the model.

Quickly and accurately model water systems

Build, edit, and run complete hydraulic models accurately and efficiently for any stage of the represented network infrastructure lifecycle, from planning and design to operations and maintenance.

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