SolidCAD Generic Post-Processors for HSM CAM Download

Interested in SolidCAD's Generic Post-Processors for HSM CAM?


SolidCAD publishes a generic FANUC post-processor adapted from the Autodesk generic FANUC post-processor to be more flexible and to produce cleanly formatted and documented code. It can be used on 3-axis as well and 4- and 5-axis (table-table) mills that read standard FANUC-style G-code. If you would like to view a sample output before download, please click here. (Please use this post-processor as the basis for requesting post-processor customization services. Simply mark-up a sample program produced with this post-processor in order to communicate your coding preferences and best practices. Consult the Post-Processor Customization Service page for more information, by clicking here).
SolidCAD also publishes an HTML setup-sheet template adapted from the Autodesk generic HTML setup-sheet template to be maximally informative, but considerably more streamlined. It works for milling and for turning.

To try these out, simply fill out the contact form below and you will receive an e-mail with a zip file containing the following files:

  • SolidCAD Generic Post-Processor for 3-, 4-, or 5-axis CNC machines that accept standard (FANUC-style) G-code.
  • SolidCAD generic HTML setup-sheet.cps
  • Setup-sheet.css
  • SolidCAD setup-sheet READ-ME.pdf”

How to use these files:

To use the post-processor, simply drop the downloaded .CPS file into your HSM default “posts” folder typically located here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor HSM\Posts

Instructions for using the setup-sheet template are located in the Read-Me file.

Please explore the user-editable properties accessible through HSM’s Post Process dialog. Users can further adapt the post-processor to the specifics of their machine(s) using any text editor and with the help of the Post-Processor Training Guide published by Autodesk. We simply ask that users who modify this post indicate in the source code header that the file differs from the one distributed by SolidCAD. Similarly, users can further customize the setup-sheet template using any text editor.

Users of these files assume responsibility for their safe testing and release SolidCAD Inc. and Autodesk of all liability for any accident resulting from their use. (The SolidCAD Statement of Liability can be consulted here.)

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