Productivity Workshop: CTC BIM Project Suite (Online)


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET 

Trainer:  Patrick Siemek

On Monday August 10th, join us for a complimentary, online learning event where we will showcase the powerful collection of Revit add-ins within the CTC BIM Project Suite.  This powerful collection of add-ons enables you to automate routine tasks, manage large quantities of content files, generate database information and much more.

This workshop is being conducted as a lecture-style learning event via Zoom meeting.  It is ideal for new and existing Revit users who wish to improve their skill-levels and accelerate their productivity of everyday tasks.  By attending, you will gain a practical understanding of the following tools:

Free CTC Tools: 

  • Quick select
  • Renumbering
  • Revit properties

CTC BIM Project Suite Tools:

  • View creator
  • Speadsheet link
  • Schedule XL
  • Revision Manager
  • Parameter Jammer
  • Fire Rating
  • Model Compare

Please note that this workshop is:

1. Lecture-style training
2. 2 Hours of instructional how-to, with 30 minutes of Q&A
3. Courseware is not included, but instructor may provide handouts or exercise files, at their discretion
4. Attendees are not required to have their own design application, just a PC that can connect to view the remote meeting via Zoom to view the Instructor’s presentation

Seats are limited.

After you complete your registration, you will be e-mailed 1 hour before the event to join online.


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