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Aethera Technologies is an innovative manufacturer of solid state RF power generators.

RF power is used in many industrial heating and drying contexts. Most dielectric heating systems run on legacy vacuum tube RF power. Aethera has reinvented RF power through the use of solid state technology which is highly energy efficient and extremely reliable. For the first time, Aethera has made solid state affordable for high power generators.

Aethera has developed a series of solid state RF generators that generate 10-400 kW of power at a range of frequencies. At 95% efficient, these generators help clients reduce their environmental impact.

Project Profile


As a forward-thinking company, Aethera recognized three specific areas of their business that needed to be prioritized and protected, specifically, (1) data security and revision control, (2) design collaboration and (3) standardized storage policies.

Given that Aethera’s technology was uniquely designed by their expert team on a per client basis, they needed high-level data security to protect their data and IP but still allow them to manage their designs and collaborate with ease.

In addition, Aethera also recognized that with growth, comes the need to make changes and track the design history of their systems.  They also required the ability to eliminate rework, reduce errors in the field and have control over the entire lifecycle of their equipment.

Lastly, they needed to restructure the organization of their information and introduce a standardized approach. Aethera required that their designs and data would be stored in one single location, that is both easily protected and managed by all departments.


After identifying their challenges, they turned to SolidCAD for a detailed assessment, that would clearly recognize what Aethera required.

In order to streamline their workflow so that both stakeholders and other departments could work from a central, secured, and organized location, the implementation of Autodesk Vault Professional was essential.

SolidCAD defined a statement of work, that included a customized configuration of Aethera’s product designs and part number autonumbering as well as their lifecycles and revision control schemas. Additionally, SolidCAD provided a personalized training program that introduced users to the features and functionality of Vault and a separate training program that was delivered to the administrator to provide knowledge in sustainment and support of the system.

  • Since implementing Vault, Aethera has made significant improvements in how they create, manage, and share digital data.  Their design team can now monitor and control their work in complete confidence, while tracking the entire product development cycle with the ability to quickly find and re-use information at any time. These significant improvements have increased their data security and reduced errors.
  • Both collaboration and communication has also been made easier with Vault, where users can now work efficiently together on product designs without risk of overwriting information.
  • Aethera continues to work closely by leveraging SolidAssist technical support services to keep their users up-and-running with on-demand expertise.

Aethera Technologies Products

Aethera’s APG Series:
Aethera’s APG7-50:


“Working with the team at SolidCAD has been such a positive experience.  They really understand our business needs and have prompt, professional staff.  Their software experts help us maximize the benefits from the tools we have invested in.”
Aethera Technologies

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