Manage data, track revisions, and collaborate with PDM software

Vault is product data management (PDM) software that improves productivity. Everyone works from a central source of organized data—collaborating, reducing errors, and saving time.

  • Installs quickly with easy administration
  • Integrates with Autodesk design tools
  • Connects internal and external teams
  • Compares 3D shapes in your extensive database for fast results and duplicates reduction.
  • Vault detects and cleans up unused files that are no longer relevant. Prevents unused files from being released.
+ Vault Basic

Design file management to help you automate data creation and organize documentation. Available with subscription to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection.

+ Vault Workgroup

Data management for teams to automate design tasks, enforce standards, and manage revisions.

+ Vault Professional

Advanced enterprise product data management software that connects distributed teams with multisite collaboration and delivers valuable insights.