15 time-saving labeling shortcuts with CTC’s Label Genie (Part 1)

Label Genie can save you a ton of time by creating all sorts of useful labels quickly. Here’s 15 examples that you can use right now. Descriptions of the settings are included, but to really get up and ... https://www.solidcad.ca/15-time-saving-labeling-shortcuts-with-ctcs-label-genie-part-1/ Wrangle that Sheet: Making Revit Sheets Layout Easily with Free Tools from the BIM Project Suite

The CTC BIM Project Suite is geared towards users doing the project work, the included tools aim to make everyday project work easier and more efficient that using Revit tools alone. There are 5 free tools accessed ... https://www.solidcad.ca/wrangle-that-sheet-making-revit-sheets-layout-easily-with-free-tools-from-the-bim-project-suite/ Civil 3D 2022.0.1 CIM Suite Tools Updates from CTC

We are excited to announce that our partner CTC Software released Civil 3D CIM Project and Manager Suites, version 22.0.1. It is now released and can be accessed on the CTC website. This update saw a lot of fixes ... https://www.solidcad.ca/civil-3d-2022-0-1-cim-suite-tools-updates-from-ctc/ Civil 3D 2022 CIM Suite Tools Updates from CTC

We are excited to announce that our partner CTC Software released Civil 3D CIM Suites for version 2022. It is now live and can be found on the CTC website. The update can be downloaded from the about menus in ... https://www.solidcad.ca/civil-3d-2022-cim-suite-tools-updates-from-ctc/ CTC 2021 Revit Product Updates!

CTC Software has been preparing to release updates to our AEC tools for Revit 2021. This release launched May 4th and affects most of our AEC offerings. HIVE has undergone a massive update, streamlining all aspects ... https://www.solidcad.ca/ctc-2021-revit-product-updates-3/ Revit Content Management- Changing Needs for a Work from Anywhere Future

The past year has brought challenges to all. While we look for areas to support and encourage, we continued to look at how we can best serve the needs of our clients. One of the most critical points that hit ... https://www.solidcad.ca/revit-content-management-changing-needs-for-a-work-from-anywhere-future/ Label Genie for Civil 3D: New Features

Label Genie, with it’s recent debut, changed how we do Civil 3D sheet annotation. Allowing automated insertion of labels across multiple drawings and layouts at once, Label Genie turns hours of work into minutes. ... https://www.solidcad.ca/label-genie-for-civil-3d-new-features/ Auto Grader for Civil 3D: New Features

Auto Grader is a game-changer in Civil 3D site grading. Through dynamically linked feature line sets, users can create grading families for parking lots, ponds, subdivisions, and more. The latest release features ... https://www.solidcad.ca/auto-grader-for-civil-3d-new-features/ Earthwork Processor for Civil 3D: Subgrade Volume Calculations

Earthwork volume calculations can be a complex task in Civil 3D, especially with variable depth subgrades found in many site projects. With the CTC Earthwork Processor in the CIM Project Suite, this work is done ... https://www.solidcad.ca/earthwork-processor-for-civil-3d-subgrade-volume-calculations/ CTC & Feature Lines – Establishing the Hierarchy of Power!

Which option do you choose when creating a feature line? In my early days of learning Civil 3D I was given an analogy of buckets. That any of the objects in a site, “Bucket”, could not interact with other ... https://www.solidcad.ca/ctc-feature-lines-establishing-the-hierarchy-of-power/