• CTC MEP3 2020.1.2 Update

    Patrick Siemek
    Technical Consultant - AEC

    What is the CTC MEP3?

    The Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Productivity Pack leads the market as the ultimate content package today, precisely tailored for businesses engaged in the fields of both mechanical and electrical design engineering. The MEPPP seamlessly consolidates the Mechanical and Electrical Productivity Packs into one easy to use pack, ready for immediate deployment straight out of the box.

    CTC MEP3 Overview:

    • Project setup time is decreased by utilizing comprehensive project organization.
    • 50 view templates for all view types, including schedules and 100 predefined view filters.
    • 350+ mechanical families based on manufactured content.
    • Over 225 mechanical details with all Revit linework and annotations
    • More than 350 electrical families with over 200 symbols
    • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags.
    • User manual includes links to instructional videos.

    CTC MEP3

    Figure 1 Cover View

    Previous MEP3 Updates:


    • Electrical Family Improvements
    • Electrical Hosting
    • Electrical Workflows
    • NEMA Endorsement
    • Conditional Formatting


    • Mechanical Content Improvement
    • Workflow Consistencies
    • Further Parameter Standardization

    What’s New in 20.1.2?

    Performance Improvements

    • Due to changes in Revit 2021+, combined parameters have been removed to produce “10x” speed improvements.
      • 116 schedules updated.
    • Improved formulas for performance
    • Family structure optimized.

    New Schedules

    • 118 new schedules added across the MEPPP.
    • Full conditional formatting

    Updated Conditional Formatting

    • 10 design schedules updated to new conditional formatting.
    • 101 schedules updated for consistent overall formatting.
      • Organization of parameters, justification, title headers etc.

    New Parameter Groupings

    • 37 parameter types have been re-grouped across all relevant families.
    • 20 family collections have updated <type> vs <instance> parameters.
    • 35 family collections have signification calculation updates.
      • Calculations previously were not inaccurate but were optimized for performance and modernized for current calculations.

    Updated Visibility Graphics

    • 7 view collections have significant updates to visibility graphics. 

    Air Terminal Enhancements

    • Significant updates to auto-sizing
    • New non-auto-sizing options
    • Greater number of families
    • Significant performance improvement

    Families and Types

    • New tagging options (4)
    • New types
      • Condensate Pump
      • PTAC (Wall Unit)
    • New Families
      • Air Terminals (25)
      • Outdoor Split System – Residential
      • Domestic Booster Pump
      • Standpipe Valve

    CTC MEP3

    Figure 2 Air Terminals

    For a full list of all the new features, enhancements, and fixes, visit www.ctcsoftware.com and review the Mechanical Electrical Pluming (MEP) Productivity Pack release notes or download the MEPPP Information Kit.

    CTC MEP3

    Figure 3 www.ctcsoftware.com

    For any questions reach out to your sales rep or contact us at info@solidcad.ca.