Grading Optimization Troubles and Fixes

Grading Optimization was a great addition to the Civil 3D 2022 arsenal of tools. It is one of the first tools to incorporate AI into our civil designs and is able to help us get quick preliminary quantities, ... Overcome your Pressing Oil & Gas Challenges with Comprehensive Information Management Solutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the oil & gas (O&G) industry has recovered better than expected, with oil prices remaining strong and oil demand back to 95% of pre-COVID levels. But O&G companies ... How To Keep Remote Construction Teams Motivated and Productive

This story was originally published by TRACIE SANIM on the Bluebeam Blog. COVID-19 has forced many workplaces to embrace remote working. However, for some employers, working from home and self-isolation directives ... How to Create Intelligent Custom Labels with Expressions in Civil 3D

Introduction  Figure 1 – Dynamically Labelled Basement Elevations Today we see how we can make labelling much easier and consistently accurate in Civil 3D. “Expressions” are used to create user properties ... Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

Autodesk Desktop Connector  Autodesk regularly updates the Desktop Connector with fixes to defects and some basic functionality updates; this update is no different, but there is one major feature update which ... Common CMMS Data Misses: How to Improve Capital Asset Planning and Total Cost of Ownership

One fundamental responsibility of all service department leaders is to properly manage the assets under their charge until they reach end-of-life and must be disposed of. Able stewardship includes capital asset ... Batch Hyperlink Will Blow Your Mind

This story was originally published by CHRIS GRAHAM on the Bluebeam Blog. Imagine pointing to an entire folder and subfolders of drawings and bringing the section cuts, elevations and plan notes to life (from ... Civil 3D Assemblies: Tool Palette or Block Library?

Civil 3D Assemblies: Tool Palette or Block Library? Civil 3D comes shipped with pre-configured assemblies that may or nay not fit your needs.  We created another BLOG post here to show how to create your own ... Security in the Clouds: Pressing Cloud-Based CMMS Concerns and How Industry Leaders Are Addressing Them

With data breaches and ransomware attacks becoming more common – and more severe – by the day, it’s understandable to have concerns or confusion about security and cloud applications. This includes your ... Recap: 2023 Release

Recap: 2023 Release Autodesk has just released their Point Cloud management application, Recap 2023.  Click here to join the live webinar on April 19th.  Click here for Autodesk documentation.  Read on to ...