SolidCAD Integrations

SolidCAD Integrations

From our experience with hundreds of different types of technologies and processes, our SolidCAD Integrations service will give you access to a team that will examine your organizations’ workflow and seamlessly integrate your data into a secure network that supports model-based design, visualization (BIM – Building Information Modeling), and asset management.

At SolidCAD, we believe in delivering quality CAD, Survey, and GIS solutions. We have years of experience with data integrations including, but not limited to:

Geospatial Data Collection

3D Laser Scanning

  • GIS data with accuracies of a few centimeters can be produced by using the image and/or 3D laser scanning information provided. FME is subsequently used to convert data formats for GIS data produced so that such data can be utilized by other computer programs to generate fully processed data for clients.

Drone Data Collection

  • Drones are effective platforms for collecting great quality data in a safe, affordable way. Integrate various formats to get the most accurate world representation possible. Consider combining real-time maps, CAD building structures, GIS maps of neighbourhoods, and databases for infrastructure.
Attribution Database

We can help convert data to SQL Server, Oracle, PostGIS, SAP Hana (ect.) and easily accomplish data replication and database migration tasks.

Enterprise Systems

Continuous digital transformation at an organization brings challenges in integrating new technology such as, CRM, CIS, financial systems, cloud computing, internet of things, and countless web applications – with legacy systems. The rapidly evolving nature of these new solutions requires an enterprise integration solution that is quick to deploy and flexible enough to adjust easily to inevitable changes.

Linework Creation

We can integrate AutoCAD Civil 3D with data from other CAD and GIS systems including Esri File Geodatabase, Bentley MicroStation, Microsoft Excel, Oracle, Adobe 3D PDF, IFC, and more.

Our Process

SolidCAD uses Safe Software’s FME solutions to help you get integrated and combine your technical and business processes to a seamless workflow.